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    3 Year Old will not eat anything
    NEnder posted:

    I have a 3 year 4 month old daughter (and one on the way due next month). My daughter has not had anything solid to eat in 12 days. She drinks plenty of fluids, lots of milk but nothing else (not even junk food ~ I am very desperate). We have been to the pediatrician 2 times and have been told it is just a phase and that kids her age are stubborn. Can anyone give any insight on how long this may last or any tricks to get her to eat? I am at wits end.
    blueeyebaby responded:
    Well depending on how much milk and fluids she is drinking, it may just be filling her up (esp the milk). Maybe if you try limiting the amount she is drinking, esp a few hours before you go to eat a meal, maybe she will be hungry. My son went through a phase of not eating much (my 1 year old daughter out ate him at every meal and she got to snack in between). He then just switched up and took off eating. He still goes in spurts of not eating much but he is doing much better. I also make sure at least an hour before lunch and dinner that he doesn't get a full glass of milk or anything, he can get a few sips if he asks for something but has to leave the cup on the counter so he doesn't down it without thinking. Also maybe take some foods and make them fun, make a hot dog into an octopus, gold fish in her peanut butter and jelly, fun shaped bologna and cheese pieces with crackers so she can make her own little sandwiches. If you ask her what she wants, will she give you any ideas? Do you let her help make the meal?
    Mary(31), DH(31), DS(Jan2009), DS(July2010)
    sarahann1978 responded:
    There is a Pediatrician, Dr. Roy Benaroch, who answers posts on the WebMD Parenting Community and he also writes a blog. He recently wrote a three part series on this very topic and it sounds like your doctor thinks along the same lines:

    I find it hard to follow some of his advice even though he probably is right. I was always raised that you cleaned your plate, and my DH and I try everything to get DS to eat, but most nights it is so hard.

    Along the lines of blueeyedbaby, what kind of milk does she drink? I'm thinking if I drink whole milk it fills me up faster than if I drink skim milk. If she is drinking a fattier milk maybe try switching to a lower fat version.
    Sarah (33) DH (30) DS (Jan 2009) baby (Aug 2012)

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