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    Feeling bad
    sarahann1978 posted:
    I feel like such a bad mommy this morning. DS was being a sleepy head this morning so I just grabbed a shirt out for him instead of asking what shirt he would like to wear today. A lot of his clothes were his cousins that they handed down and I grabbed a t-shirt that was a blue and red tie-dye spiral.

    Right away when we got to school he walked into the classroom and one of the 4 year old boys goes "that's a girl shirt!" The teacher beamed in right away and started praising the shirt and trying to smooth it over for DS. I wanted to bad to run in and do the same thing (more like punch the little jerk), but I know that it's even worse for your mom to stick up for you so I just left for work.

    Is tie-dye only for girls? It's a very dark red, not pink at all. I know the mom of the 4 year old and I'm sure he is being groomed to be a bully at home, so it's not too surprising. I just feel bad that I picked a shirt that got DS teased, ugh!
    Sarah (33) DH (31) DS (Jan 2009) baby girl (Aug 2012)
    jlynnpaine responded:
    Oh man, don't feel bad. That kid is just a punk. I've seen boys (and men) in tie dye shirts a lot. I hope it didn't affect DS too much and hopefully he will have forgotten about it by now.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    QTpie2009 responded:
    No, I don't feel tie-dye or those colors are girly! Grrr! bullies
    Zaysmama replied to QTpie2009's response:
    Tie dye is def not just for girls. I had my son a shirt airbrushed to look tie dye with his name on it and he loves it. He got one is boy colors and I got one in girl colors to match he loves it when we wear them!
    Don't feel bad, nxt time just grab 2 shirts lol
    cyn22mull responded:
    I agree that tie-dye is not just for girls. And those colors are not girly.

    I hope he still had a good day and has forgotten about it!
    Cindy (35) Scott (39) DS Christopher 3
    sarahann1978 responded:
    Thanks for the reassurance ladies! I know that when it comes down to it kids will find something to pick on each other about, it's just human nature. It was just the first time I witnessed someone picking on my kid, usually he is one of the most adored and popular kids. And I wanted to clarify that I was just being silly, I would not have hit the kid, if you know me I would never hit or pick a fight with anyone.

    As a kid I got teased a lot because we were poor and I never had nice clothes or the "cool" things. I always figured it would be easier on my kids because DH and I both work and have prominent jobs and are one of the better off families in our community, but kids will be kids.
    Sarah (33) DH (31) DS (Jan 2009) baby girl (Aug 2012)
    Zaysmama replied to sarahann1978's response:
    I know how you feel. My son is a little blonde hair blue eyed cutie that just melts everyone's heart...
    DH's little brother is 5 and really just doesnt have the patience to deal with Izayah... He is the only boy and the youngest so he doesn't share his toys very well and it somedays drives me insane, like how dare you treat him like that when he is just trying to play with you, but at the end of the day, I know Izayah can get that way about his toys too and no matter what any kid says or does to him, he is a tough boy and will make the best of the situation! ... So I know where you are coming from, and the bullies will make your little man stronger in the long run! kids will be kids, we made it thru the kids bullying us and they will 2!... Hope he still had a good day!
    magsnemma responded:
    It's so maddening when the teasing stuff starts. We were at the playground and a little girl made fun of DD because of the way she said her name. I would never do it in a million years, but I had the brief impulse to push that lil brat off the monkey bars. (I'm sure she's really a lovely girl, but you get my drift...)
    Ali (34) DH (35) DD (3)
    sarahann1978 replied to magsnemma's response:
    Isn't it funny how our protective mama instincts kick it and make us think of doing things we would never do in a million years to protect our kids.
    Sarah (33) DH (31) DS (Jan 2009) baby girl (Aug 2012)

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