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    What is wrong with my 3 year old
    momgoingcrazy02 posted:
    My son and I have horrible battles, he is three he has a little sister who is 18 months younger than him. Every little thing with him turns into a huge tantrum and battle, he has a speach delay that we are actively working on. But he will freak out if I give him the wrong drink or he will tell me what he wants and then freak out when I give it to him because he changed his mind, he will just stand at my feet hitting me or pushing me just because he has not gotten his way. Now the sad thing is when my husband his father gets home it goes down like ten notches and I feel like it is just me.
    Now here is another thing is this a hereditary thing, my brothers from my mom have anger issues and were delayed in there speach and my sister is coming across the same thing with her almost two year old.
    Why is it worse with me I dont give in I give him choices he gets time out I am trying to get him to just sit away from things that are making him loose it. He is not getting a lot of sugar he is a picky eater but we dont give in on that.

    I need help I am starting to loose it
    Zaysmama responded:
    Well let me start by saying that its not you!... there may be things you can do differently but its not you!... My son is the opposite, when its just he and I he is an angel but when there is any other adult around he thinks he can play us against each other. The only thing I can suggest is stay relaxed because if he sees you losing your cool, he may push harder to get what he wants!... Also be consistent instead of allowing him to get to the point of hitting and pushing, when you see him building up, get down to his level and try talking, if that doesnt help set him in a quiet place so he can calm down. When he is done, talk to him and try to find out what was upsetting him so much!. Whether he really is hurting you or not, let him know that hitting and pushing is not nice and it hurts mommy!
    Another idea is to try to see how it is that DH responds to his outbursts, watching his cues on whether he loses his cool or stays calm and how and what he says to him could be the simplest different that will change everything....
    As i said first, its not your faulta dn staying calm will be best for you and the kids! If the behavior continues it may be best to speak with the pediatrician before DS ends up hurting himself or someone else!

    Hope things get better for you!!!

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