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    Favorite movies?
    Jackie03291 posted:
    Hey everyone! It's been a long time since we have been on! Hope everyone is doing good. Ava is about to turn 4 in just a couple of months, so I figured I would try to get on and catch up and see if anyone else is still lurking around. She starts her first set of swim lessons this weekend, so we are super excited about that. Anyways, here's a fun topic...what is your 3 year olds favorite movie to watch?

    Ava has a couple that she rotates between currently...Polar Express, The Cat in the Hat and Tangled (Rapunzel). What about you??
    Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava (10/14/08) Natalie (4/24/12)
    jlynnpaine responded:
    Hey Jackie! Hope you're doing well. How's life with your two girls? We're adjusting really well to being a family of 4 and it's so fun to have a new baby and a toddler that is always coming up with new and hilarious things to say and do.

    Shae has several movies that she is loving right now. Madagascar (we took her to see the third one in the theater and then bought her the first one recently), Puss in Boots, and Hop. She used to love all of the Ice Age movies but is kind of over them. She also really like the old Robin Hood cartoon where Robin Hood is a little fox. She loves acting out various roles from her movies and we're all supposed to be certain characters.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    miob responded:
    Perfect...I'm looking for some mindless fun during lunch today! DS right now is bouncing back and forth between the Chipmunk movies and Despicable Me. And the Lorax. We're having a 'date afternoon' on Saturday to go see Finding Nemo on the big screen - I don't know who is more excited, him or me!
    sdadkin responded:
    My mom bought Carter a 3 disc set of dvds called Cedarmont Kids Sing Along (or something like that) and he absolutely loves it! Any time he is in his toy room he asks me to turn his "songs" on. It's a dvd of a bunch of little kids singing classic church songs. He also loves Mickey Mouse Club House and any kind of movie with a dog or animal in it (i.e. Lassie, Benji, etc).

    I thought about taking him to see a movie in the theater sometime, but I wasn't sure if he was ready or not. I think it would be a fun bonding time b/c I wouldn't bring his little brother Mason with us (he's 16 months). How do you know if they're ready for the theater?
    miob replied to sdadkin's response:
    As a guage, we used whether or not DS would sit through an entire movie at home. Once he did, we moved onto the big time! Cartoons work the best, but right now another DVD he likes is A Dolphin Tale, so maybe moving on
    Jackie03291 replied to jlynnpaine's response:
    Hey Jodi! We are doing great, thanks. It has been so much fun having Natalie here and Ava is absolutely in love with her. She wants to do anything and everything with her if I let her. It really has been much easier than I expected it to be. Do you know if Sarah has had her baby yet?

    Everyone has great suggestions for movies that I will have to look around for. I have been wanting to watch Dolphin Tale myself for awhile now, so if your LO is watching it MIOB, then I'm sure Ava will be ready for it. I was afraid that it might be too old for her.
    Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava (10/14/08) Natalie (4/24/12)
    jlynnpaine replied to Jackie03291's response:
    I'm sure Sarah must have had her baby. I think she was due in July. I've been lurking on the 3rd tri board waiting for her birth story but haven't seen it yet.

    Shae's been to a couple movies in the theater and really enjoyed them. The hardest thing for her to remember is that she can't talk loudly through it like she does with movies at home. She's been the three movies now (Puss in Boots, Madagascar 3, and Ice Age: Continental Drift) and each one has been a blast.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    miob replied to Jackie03291's response:
    He loved the dolphin in the movie. There's a subplot about a soldier who was injured in battle which went right over his head, but he still loved it. What was great for me is that it's a story about prosthetics and given that I wear leg braces (and with DS diagnosed with the same condition he will likely to be in them as well in the next few years), DS we thrilled to see a dolphin who 'was like mommy'. Great movie.
    Jackie03291 replied to miob's response:
    I will definitely be on the lookout for that one, can't wait, it sounds like something she will like too.

    I didn't realize you had leg braces or that DS might have to use them too. That is great that he was able to relate the movie back to you! You will have to keep us updated on how he is doing. Does he have any difficulties now?
    Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava (10/14/08) Natalie (4/24/12)
    miob replied to Jackie03291's response:
    He's got balance issues now and he's prone to trips and falls. He also has significant troubles with stairs. It's definitely a challenge. But I've never let that stop me and I hope he has the same mentality. The pedi neurologist said it's great that he's as risk averse as he is and he'll know his own limits.

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