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    Holiday Gifts - What's from Santa and What's From You?
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Does Santa deliver gifts to your home? If so, how do you decide which are from you and what's from Santa and you do you organize them?
    tlkittycat1968 responded:
    My kids are still pretty young (5 & 3) so most presents come from Santa.
    jlynnpaine responded:
    We don't do gifts from Santa.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    scperdomo7 responded:
    My mother-in-law writes "from Santa" on some of her gifts that she gives to the kids. I don't tell my son that Santa doesn't exist, I won't rain on her parade if she wants to indulge in the magic of the season, but I don't plan on keeping the secret alive should he ever come out and ask. All the gifts from DH and I do not have "Santa" written on them.

    DS is 3 1/2 and SS is 16, so he's really out of that stage anyway.
    lenono97 responded:
    Gifts are always addressed from the giver- grandma, auntie, etc. The gifts from my husband and I are addressed from Santa and are opened on Christmas morning. That's the way my parents did it. However, my husband got gifts from his parents and santa so he thinks it's kind of odd "we" don't get the kids gifts. That sounds a little over-kill to me! My kids are still pretty young (16 months and 4 years) so the whole santa thing is still a little foreign.
    QTpie2009 responded:
    The gifts from DH and I are marked from Santa. We put them under the tree Christmas Eve night after DS goes to bed. We don't get him separate gifts from just us. All presents are wrapped also... well unless they are huge like a Power Wheels or something.
    sdadkin responded:
    We leave the gifts that are supposed to be from Santa unopened and it's usually the bigger stuff or the things that are for both of them. Then we wrap the rest of the gifts and put on the tag "from mommy and daddy".

    We have a 3 year old and a 19 month old and this year we wrapped their presents in different colored wrapping paper (one color for each boy) so it would be easier to tell who got what. We also tried to make sure they had the same amount of gifts to open. It may not matter so much this year, but definitely in the years to come it will!
    jlynnpaine replied to sdadkin's response:
    We used different colored wrapping paper this year too. I saw an idea on Pinterest that you put a small piece of the wrapping paper that matches each child's gift in the bottom of their stocking so that once they finish their stocking they find the scrap and then will know which gifts are theirs.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    Zaysmama responded:
    All of the gifts from mommy will say from "Santa" the rest of the gifts will be from mawmaw, nana, gg, etc... Thats how my mom did it even when we were in high school! ... I will do the same for my boys. Izayah is almost 4 and Zakiyah is only 3months old so Zay will probably be opening all the gifts this year, but I still made sure they got the same amount and had close to the same amount spent on them!...
    As for organizing them, my mom put ours in seperate piles, but I will probably mix the boys up and just do different wrapping papers for each of them and another paper for stuff that is for both of them in the future.
    The boys will have "Christmas" at about 4 or 5 seperate houses (depending on if their father's get them anything)... so i doubt it matters what my gifts say is the sender lol

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