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    Potty Training
    Anon_814 posted:
    My DS turned 3 last month and he blatantly refuses to potty train. I know he knows how to and has control, he purposefully tries to pass gas. He was doing well sitting on the potty and "trying" at daycare and we were continuing the efforts at home. He would happily sit on his potty and watch TV, but do nothing. He'll hold it until he gets off the potty, wait to get dressed again, then go in his trainers (not disposable pull-ups). We went on vacation and ignored the issue for the week and only casually asked him from time to time if he wanted to sit on the potty and by the end of the week, he was asking to sit. But then he went back to daycare and now he REFUSES to even sit and try. They'd like to move him to preschool in January, but he can't go if he's not using the potty. We've tried everything to try and convince him to use the potty, but he refuses. Any ideas on what we can do to get him to decide to try? Right now, I've told daycare to completely back off, to not even ask him, in hopes that he'll decide to go on his own. But he doesn't communicate this need to the teachers at all. He will tell me when he's done #2 in his pants, but not #1. Over the weekend, he was even fighting changing into dry trainers when he'd wet them. I'm at a loss and feel so behind when all the other kids his age and even younger are so much more successful at this than him.
    twils18 responded:
    I had a problem with my DS when he first started potty training as well. At first he was interested in it, so I thought it was time. He's 3 as well, at first I just bought the cover over the big potty but he was too scared to sit on it, so I bought a potty just for him. He would sit on it with his kindle... he could sit there for hours and nothing. But as soon as he got off within the hour he would end up having an accident. He did it for awhile, I tried sitting there with him, having him sit on it 10 mins after he drank something, early in the morning when he first woke up, and before bed. But he still had accidents. So I ended up bribing him, I did not want too at all. But I was at a loss... I told him if he made water (pee) he could get a piece of candy (I would just buy a small bag of m&m's and give him two or three at time). And if he went poo he would get a toy... so every time he sat on the potty I reminded him of the candy and toy. It took about a week before he went pee in the potty but he caught on to going pee into the potty quickly after receving his first piece of candy. After two weeks of no more accidents on the carpet I stopped giving him candy and gave him nothing but praises, kisses and hugs which was enough for him by then. It took him a little longer to go poo in the potty so I had to keep reminding him again about the toy... he did go eventually and after that I only ended up buying him 3 toys altogether before I stopped. Now he's fully potty trained.. with little to no accidents.
    I've also heard about doing stickers. Like setting up a little poster board by his potty and for each time he goes he gets a sticker when he reaches so many he can get a toy... or candy.
    good luck... I hope that helped a little.
    aprilcb replied to twils18's response:
    Thanks, it helps to know I'm not the only one, your story sounds a lot like mine. But, I've tried what you suggested, he still refuses. For example, he rarely gets Popsicles. Today, he asked for one. I said, put your pee or poop in the potty and you can have one. His response, "NO" and he dropped the subject.

    I blame daycare for this problem, he was told he'd get a sticker if he put his pee in the potty. He did pee in the potty with a new teacher who was not told to give him a sticker if he peed in the potty, so he didn't get one. A couple days later the same teacher told me she isn't sure if he peed or if the child before him peed and didn't flush. So if it was him, again, he didn't get a sticker. I feel they missed a huge opportunity because of their lack of communication, which I've complained about repeatedly. I'm so frustrated and nothing is working to encourage him to do it.

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