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    If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this:
    roxanne156 posted:
    If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this:

    I don't post a lot on here anymore but I do know this comes up a lot in discussions.
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    mol13 responded:
    I do vaccinate my children but I also believe that vaccines could be *A* factor, one of many, in the autism puzzle. Instead of trying to just say that everyone who feels that there is a link with vaccines and autism is a crazy crackpot conspiracy theorist, they should be exploring WHICH children are autistic, what else do they have in common, were vaccines A factor for them or not, and are there genetic markers that would make one child more susceptible than others to strong reactions from vaccines?
    Molly (30) DH (36) David 8/30/07; beat cancer, now needs hearing aids. Jesse 07/05/09; my daredevil! Surprise EDD 7/13/2011, which is MY birthday!
    SMGBobbyScott replied to mol13's response:
    The research that supposedly identified the link between autism and vaccinations was a complete and utter FRAUD...see link

    Get your children vaccinated!!!
    mol13 replied to SMGBobbyScott's response:
    I do get my children vaccinated. My children are fine with their vaccines.

    Even so, why is it that some children react so poorly to their vaccines, and others are fine? Is there a genetic component to that, or is it environmental, coupled with other environmental factors?

    It isn't just autism that is a concern. Many people have reported severe reactions in themselves or their children; instead of just saying that they're all stupid, it is still worth investigating.
    Molly (30) DH (36) David 8/30/07; beat cancer, now needs hearing aids. Jesse 07/05/09; my daredevil! Surprise EDD 7/13/2011, which is MY birthday!
    JessHeath responded:
    I vaccinate but my daughter would always run a low grade fever with vaccines so I bargain with my provider. They come in with like 4-5 pamphlets about each and every vaccination they want to give my child and I say, Ok, lets go through them and pick 2 vaccines for today, I'll bring her back for the others in a month. Thats just the way it goes, if they complain about it, too bad! I am just not going to put 4-5 vaccines at once in my childs little body! My son will be starting vaccines soon, he will be 8 weeks next week and I will be doing the same thing. Its just a minor inconvenience for me.
    ImMe26 replied to JessHeath's response:
    I dont vaccinate my kids til after they are 2yrs of age...I did it will all three. I usually dont follow the charts , until I have to when it comes to school.

    And I never do more than one at a time, I dont give a damn what the dr says. Its my kids .
    ImMe26 replied to ImMe26's response:
    Oh and I had bad reactions to almost every one of the vaccines when I was lil , so therefore I wait til my kids are a lil bigger .
    roxanne156 replied to ImMe26's response:
    Reactions such as a fever is different than getting "autism".

    The problem with people that don't believe empirical evidence is that they won't believe empirical evidence. Discrediting Andrew Wakefield (the Dr. part was revoked, because he's a fraud) only reinforces their beliefs that its a big pharm...a conspiracy. They'll trust anecdotal evidence and slanted first hand accounts.

    The real conspiracy is how the people who propagate these types of whack job theories (see Naturalpathy, Homeopathy, the "local food" movement) are conspiring to sell quick solutions to complex problems and making boatloads of money doing it.

    The root of the problem is we need stronger science and math based education in the schools so people learn how to think critically, rationally and logically.
    VicsEandJ replied to roxanne156's response:
    I agree with you 100% Roxanne156.

    I'm not saying that docotrs or the government are infalliable ( that's CRAZY!!) but it seems that so many people are always so much more willing to believe homespun stories and theories( sorry, but if you really stop to think about it and look at the real evidnce out there, the vaccines and autism link just didn't add up) than evidence disproving something.

    I've given both my children every vaccine on time and thankfully they've never had a reaction other than the normal expected fever and injection site swelling with some. I'm sure I would be more hesitant if they had ever had a bad reaction.

    Everyone has a right to raise their kids as they see fit ( within limits) but I don't see why people just wholeheartedly IGNORE the vaccine schedules. The timing of them actually serves a purpose and altering it is part of the reason why childhood illnesses that were no longer being seen are popping up agian. And getting the measles or mumps isn't always a minor inconvenience to a young infant or toddler.

    A 4 year old in the suburbs near me died of the flu last month. Unless my kid had a SEVERE reaction to vaccines, I'd prefer they had to deal with minor pain rather than some of the more serious potential outcomes.

    Me, DH, DS (3 1/2), DD (2)
    luvmy2babiesmuch replied to VicsEandJ's response:
    my mother had 5 children, and she delayed all of our vaccines until we were between 4-6 years old. we are perfectly fine. I chose NOT to vaccinate my children. i agree w/ PP that autism shouldn't be the only concern, but to really get ALL of the facts, for yourself, not just what your pedi tells you! I think that as parents, it's up to us to research and make the best decisions for "our own families." I have never told relatives, or friend or people on boards NOT to vaccinate, I think that is a parents decision, hopefully based on research. My children get an Exemption" from my state health board, to take to schools, once you apply to be exempt, they just send you a new letter for schools, every year automatically- in my state. Vaccinations are not manditory for schools or college. Having my children "not" vacci, was one of the best decisions that I feel that I ever mad, i feel 100% happy and satisfied and secure in my decision!!!
    Kimmy1545 responded:
    We vax our kids. DS was vax'd on the regular schedule. With DD I decided to vax on an alternate schedule (Dr Sears book was a great help). She never got more than 2 vax's at a time but was fully vax'd by 2 years old.

    I believe in vaxing but I don't understand the need to give babies so many at once. When my DS was a baby and getting 4 vax's at a time I always left the Dr's office with a pit in my stomach... it made me uncomfortable. When I had DD, I followed my "Mommy gut" and decided to split up her vax's and our pedi was very open to the idea.

    Also, I have a friend whose 1st born son is autistic and developed symptoms after vaxing. She and her pedi agreed not to start vaxing her other (3) children until after they are 2 years old. Her other 3 children are not autistic. It leaves me wondering if there is a genetic component and if something in the vax's trigger the onset of autism in certain children...
    VicsEandJ replied to luvmy2babiesmuch's response:
    Everyone should be happy and secure in the decisions they make for the children.
    I just don't see why peolpe are so against vaccines- no one is saying that every child is going to get any of the things they protect against or have bad cosnequences if they do. Plenty of kids actually used to get the measles etc. and had no problems. But some did.

    I don't see why people get so bent out of shape by vaccines but NO ONE would think of not putting their kids in car seats- no one over 35 was belted as a child and most kids were fine. But not all were, so they changed the law. And everyone with half a brain complies with the seat belt laws without question-
    I have 2 car seats but no car or even drivers license!!!

    But with vaccines, people react so negatively to them- do they think that dr's are trying to poison or harm children? The reaction doesn't make sense, espeically when most kids ARE vaccinated- mandatorily or not- and most kids ARE fine. I think that's what made it easy for people to jump on the vaccines cause autism bandwagon- even though it was always only based upon one study- which has now been found to be fraudulent- the original topic of this thread

    Why does everyone conclude that vaccines are so much worse for their kids than anything?- Most people more readily give their kids tylenol- yet it has known potential long term risks. People give their kids antibiotics without question. Why do vaccines cause such a problem?
    Me, DH, DS (3 1/2), DD (2)
    megmoo78 responded:
    My view on vaccnations causing autism is that it is bunk. There are kids that have autism that never were vaccinated because of this fear. I believe that there are many factors involving a child having autism including genetic and enviromental.

    My middle child has autism, and I do not believe it was caused by vaccinations. Its hard road, but one I rather take then lose a child to a preventable illness.
    roxanne156 replied to roxanne156's response:
    That was my husbands reply to people who think vaccines cause autism.
    roxanne156 replied to Kimmy1545's response:
    You have to give babies a lot at once because they are little and their immune systems are not able to fight off diseases. If you have ever read a health warning, ie the H1N1 flu, they advise babies under 1 and seniors to get the vaccine first. Why? Because their immune systems are weaker than ours are.

    No matter how much scientific evidence, real honest to goodness truth, that has been researched and proven THROUGH SCIENCE, not someones "belief", or just because their child developed autism around the age of two which just happens to be around the time they got their 2 year old shots, they decide to not vaccinate their children and put MY kids at risk.

    Just because Jenny McCarthy says it, it has to be true. Insert *eye roll* here.

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