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    What on earth do you do with egg plant???
    4Watermonkeys posted:
    Okay, so to be honest, I didn't think this one through and didn't realize that my children have green thumbs. Everything they planted in their garden has done amazingly well, including the egg plants (which I didn't think would even grow!). So, now we've got purple egg plants and golden egg plants (the golden ones look like eggs and apparently can be eaten raw). I figure the golden egg plants they will eat raw, but I have no idea what to do with the purple ones. Has any of you ever cooked egg plant for your kids? To add to the problem, I'm a wuss at trying new foods - so, I guess Mommy just needs to buck it up on this one, smile a lot, and say "Mmm, yummy!" while trying not to gag . . .

    Oh, and they planted ground cherries too - any ideas on what to do with those?
    mommyof3kiddos responded:
    Your girls did awesome!!!

    Eggplant is yummy! I love it. The kids used to eat it but no longer do. My favorite is to cut off the skin, slice, coat with egg and breadcrumbs, and then put it in the skillet. It's yummy. You can also make Eggplant Paramisan (sp). I love that too but don't make it often since I'm the only one that eats it. You can check the site If you type in eggplant I am sure there will be tons of ideas.
    critty000 responded:
    I peel the skin and saute with onions or make it a mixed veggie with squash and others
    Iocasta responded:
    I will oven roast with a little olive oil and salt. Then using a food mill, puree and add to a tomato sauce for spaghetti. The roasted eggplant gives a wonderful richness to the sauce.

    My tomato sauce is very simple: sautee some minced garlic in olive oil then add canned Italian/plum tomatoes and a handful of chopped fresh basil with salt to taste. In the summer, I will use Italians out of my garden and oven roast with the garlic and basil (I add the basil the last 5 mins). Once roasted I will either quickly chop to make it slightly coarse or puree.

    The garden sounds like it is going great. I have had a great garden year myself. We have been eating tons of cukes. The tomatoes are starting to ripen in the droves, their are lots of sweet peppers almost ready to go. I have only one eggplant that will be ready soon with several soon to be on their way. Levi is really into the garden this year, which I love.
    mommyof3kiddos replied to Iocasta's response:
    Steph - the tomato sauce sounds so good!!!
    4Watermonkeys replied to Iocasta's response:
    That tomato sauce sounds amazing! DH does the main cooking in our house, and I know he'll start drooling when he sees your recipe. I won't tell him that the peppers in your garden are doing well though - that's a sore subject. Of all the stuff we planted this year, the stuff the girls and I planted did great, but the one thing Allen planted (the peppers) have gone nowhere. It's really getting to him especially since the girls planted olive trees which are supposedly nearly impossible for even skilled gardeners to grow in Wisconsin due to the climate/humidity, but they managed to get 5 out of 6 pits growing into nice trees. That'll be my next adventure . . . figuring out how to harvest olives (didn't think that one through either!). But, I think they'll go great with the egg plant and your tomato sauce!
    seeit2 responded:
    My MIL rubs mayo on them then dips in breadcrumbs and cooks - at about 350 for 20 min per side - and they are delish. Its weird with the mayo but surprisingly tasty!
    Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (40) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, egg allergy DS (9 mo) fearless and bottomless
    4Watermonkeys replied to seeit2's response:
    My girls love mayo, so I bet they'll love the egg plant cooked that way!
    mamagrandma responded:
    Great, no, fantastic website for You will find lots of great ideas for meals, especially, for kids!

    P.S. Your are teaching them much more than just growing egg plants and cherries. They are leaning to become self providers. They are learning about science, the plant cycle, photosynthesis and much much more. They are developing the confidence to try new things. Whether you eat the food they have grown or give it away to someone else, you have taught them a life long lesson. How AWESOME is that!
    RJMmama responded:
    I love eggplant! Eggplant parm is delicious but a lot of work. I like to make swiss chard-eggplant lasanga and stick it in the freezer for winter meals. Ratatouille also freezes well--it is like a summer squash eggplant tomato stew. I mostly freeze that in individual portions for my lunch since the boys won't really eat it.

    I second using eggplant in tomato sauce--that is wonderful with penne. I follow a Patricia Wells recipe that has the eggplant cook for a long time in the sauce instead of separately.

    There are a couple of dips you can make too--eggplant caviar and baba ganoush. The latter has tahini, which we can't eat because of allergies, so we make a roasted eggplant cumin spread (Patricia Wells again).

    Those green eggplants are delicious in Thai food--I just saute the veggies then mix with a can of lite coconut milk and some curry paste from the jar.

    Most of these ideas are things I eat. I don't think the lad will touch them this summer. If you want more specifics on any of the recipes let me know.

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