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    Mommaof 5!!!! kiddos
    Mainemommy posted:
    How's it going? Did you have the babies? How is the family adjusting
    Steph 36 DH 41 DD 8 Asthma eczema and allergies DS 4 Eczema and milk allergy
    mommyof3kiddos responded:
    Yes I had my babies!!! I need to change my screen name but have been too lazy to do it. I had the twins last Monday. Allie came out the regular way but as soon as she popped out Maddie turned breech. The doctor tried to turn her but she was stubborn. So I ended up with a c/s for her. I did not want to deliver both ways but I didn't want to cause any complications by delivering breech either. Alllie was 5.15 and Maddie was 6.9. Not too bad for 37 week twins. They were perfectly healthy and came home with me last Wednesday.

    The c/s wasn't as bad as I expected but I am REALLY sore. I guess thats to be expected. I have been taking Motrin around the clock and have some nice pain killers to top it off. I hate taking pain meds but I have really given in because up until yesterday I had a hard time functioning without them.

    You will be happy to hear DH has been awesome. He has been helping a lot and takes the older three out a lot so I can just have some quiet time at home.
    Kimmy1545 replied to mommyof3kiddos's response:
    Congrats! Glad to hear that they arrived safely and healthy.

    I have to tell you, reading the part where DH takes the older 3 out so you can be home with the 2 made me shudder! LOL. I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like!

    Glad to hear DH is helping more!!
    megmoo78 replied to mommyof3kiddos's response:
    Congrats to hear everyone is doing well! :)
    Baby1at35 replied to mommyof3kiddos's response:
    Wow Congrats to you !!!!
    Me (40) 2 busy boys 5yrs and 4 yrs! 10 mos apart Oh My !
    j9ween2 replied to mommyof3kiddos's response:
    mamabrat05 replied to mommyof3kiddos's response:
    Congrats!!! Thats awesome that DH is helping out!!
    Brittany(23) DH(23) DD(4)-47.4lbs 42 1/4in DS(20 months)-25.6lbs 31 1/4in born via emergency c-section
    dwaw02 replied to mommyof3kiddos's response:
    Glad you're doing well! I read this on the 3rd tri board but couldn't reply (that would involve having 2 free hands :) )

    Kudos to you - I can't imagine having 3 other kids right now, including a whole other baby :)
    Angela, DS (5), DD born 7/18/10
    mommyof3kiddos replied to Kimmy1545's response:
    I am taking full advantage of the alone time (yes I call being home with just the twins alone time since they just sleep all the time) because I know that it will be ending soon. DH loves taking the kids to parks and I just don't like being outside all that much in general so it's been great. Once he goes back to work next week it will all come to an end. :( He might take them once in a while but it won't be like it is now.
    seeit2 replied to mommyof3kiddos's response:
    Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (40) DD (4) Funny, spirited, curious, has a severe milk allergy, egg allergy DS (9 mo) fearless and bottomless
    Iocasta replied to mommyof3kiddos's response:
    Congrats and enjoy!!
    Mainemommy replied to Iocasta's response:
    Alone????? I'm glad he's stepped up and I'm sorry you had to have both birth methods who would have thought of that. Be very careful I threw out my back after having DD with those muscles being cut and all. Just make sure I don't have to explain BC 6 and twins is too many
    Steph 36 DH 41 DD 8 Asthma eczema and allergies DS 4 Eczema and milk allergy

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