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    I so don't care that my kids hair is a gross mess...
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
    You have to brush your teeth and wear sunscreen....messy hair? I don't care.

    One of my friends gets into such a lather over my daughters unbrushed hair. I finally had to declare the topic OFF LIMITS.

    In light of everything I have to encourage/discourage each day, hair is low on my mommy totem poll.

    Are there any things you let go that others might not?


    PS - I'm also not going to get into a physical struggle to zip up a jacket when we are trying to get out the door. I get many passive aggressive comments about my freezing children from the Mother in Law on that one.
    mommy5kiddos responded:
    We sound alike. I don't push brushing hair, matching clothes, or jackets. I live in KY so it gets fairly cold here. BUT the kids are all in car seats so they cannot wear heavy coats in their seats. So we layer here. They only wear heavy coats when we're going to be outside for a while. The hair brushing things is just not worth the battle. My DD hates hates HATES when I brush their hair. Of course all hair bows and clips or anything else are out. DD2 who's 2.5 has this knot in the back of her hair. I always get it out when washing and her hair looks all nice for a few hours. Once she sleeps it's back to rats nest in the back. If I brush out the knot then she loses hair. I swear she has a slight bald spot from when I used to brush it out but DH claims he can't see it.
    sarah0323 responded:
    I don't care if they don't wear socks even if it 10 below outside. (The school actually sent socks home with them at Christmas) They hate all socks.

    I don'te care if they wear their pants backwards or their shoes on the wrong feet. (I will put them on the right way they will take them off and put them on the way they want to.)

    I too get many comments about this and I'm at the point I don't care. They like it this way and with all the things I have to deal with this is low on my priority list. Glad I'm not the only one who has things that they have declared off limits to others.
    Me 32,DD 11, DS1 7, DS2 5, DS3 4, DD2 3 months
    Iocasta responded:
    Levi has permanent bed head. He is trying to look like Robert Smith from the Cure, which is fine by us. We get lots of comments from others about it but no skin off my nose. I also refuse to have the winter clothing battle as long as it isn't dangerously cold out (i.e. sub zero). I do make sure that I have on hand the things that he needs, when he realizes that he made the wrong decision. Also, I won't make food a battlefield. He isn't going to die if he only eats carbohydrates all day. And hey I like my occasional cookie breakfast and I like sharing the joy of the cookie breakfast. I'm not terribly uptight about teeth brushing right now. Of course, when adult teeth come in that is a different matter. Fortunately, he is good about brushing so no battle there. Actually, there are a lot of things that I just don't choose to battle or assert my will over.
    Iocasta replied to sarah0323's response:
    Oh yeah, Levi often wears his shirt backwards. I'm like whatever.
    mommy5kiddos replied to sarah0323's response:
    Oh yeah I forgot about the socks. I don't ever make the kids wear socks. I don't wear socks either so I know how they feel. If I tell DS to get dressed and he comes out with a shirt or pants on backwards I'll tell him. It's up to him to switch it. If he doesn't care I don't either.

    I also don't make the kids stay dressed at home. Well underwear are required of course. DD2 runs around in a diaper most of the day. If I dress her she gets mad and strips. I'm not going to fight her all day long. It's not worth it. She only likes to be dressed when she goes to bed. Then in the morning she gets up and strips off her clothes again. I keep it warm enough in the house so I'm not worried. I do make her stay dressed when we're out of course.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to mommy5kiddos's response:
    WHEW! Glad to hear all of the stories!

    Shoes too: After my grandmothers funeral, all of the grandkids were running around in the church lawn barefoot- they just sat through a long Catholic mass and service and had done a pretty great job.

    My cousin yelled "PUT ON YER SHOES" and his 2 kids had to stop playing, put on socks and uncomfortable church shoes. Not the same to run in the grass with loafers...

    seeit2 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Steph, I want to come to your house for breakfast sometime.
    DD picks out her own clothes, so we often go out with polka dot shirts and striped pants on. I don't even care if the socks match, to be honest. But I do insist on brushing her hair - it is straight and fine and turns into the perfect little bird's nest after a night of sleep - it is impossible to brush out if you let it go a day.
    Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (40) DD (4) DS (1) Just eat it, will ya
    Kimmy1545 responded:
    I read through this and had to chuckle since I am the polar opposite of this! (no judgement here at all... just laughing, mostly at myself, since I totally care about this stuff)

    I worry about both of my kid's hair and clothes every day... I have gotten a little more lax recently as far as "play clothes" go (clothes to play out in the yard) but I pick out their clothes (or at least approve them) and fix their hair before they leave the house, no matter where they are going. I even make sure that their shoes are appropriate for the type of outfits they are wearing (like only sneakers with windpants for my DS).

    Last year my DD was in Nursery school 2 mornings a week from Sept through the end of May and did not wear an outfit twice (I know, I am a little nutty!). This year, since she is in 3 mornings a week she has repeated outfits a few times.
    mommy5kiddos replied to Kimmy1545's response:
    You would have a cow here. lol DS needs a hair cut badly and it's just a mess. You can't brush his hair. It won't do anything anyway. A couple weeks ago he had on grey sweatpants and no shirt. My DH was getting ready to take them to my IL's so they could play (it was cold and rainy and they have a space to play inside) so I told him to go put on a shirt. He comes in with his nice sweater. The colors matched but the styles didn't of course. I let him wear it because at least I didn't have to dress him myself. He left with that combo on with Buzz Lightyear gym shoes.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to Kimmy1545's response:
    Well, I can say that it's great that Kimmy is aware she is nutty :)

    The appropriate shoes rule made me laugh as well - My 2.5 year old has these jacked up sparkly pink mary janes that she likes to put on with her grubbiest of clothes.. And, of course, the grubby shoes come out when she has on a (rare but it happens) adorable and new matching outfit....
    neeru_pdx responded:
    yipee! I try to be good about the teeth. Brush twice a day, once on their own, and once with help if I feel they need it. If they start to get too smelly, I will get involved in the bath and help wash. Otherwise, like PP I make sure I have suitable warm clothes available if they have chosen not to wear sock or have on crocs in the snow or rain ...
    clothes/shoes on backwards or inside out, messy hair, dirty faces, well they are kids! they get dressed themselves - bonus. We go out in pjs (them, not me - usually!) it's okay!
    We have a good life and they are happy, kind, sweet and smart children! Life is good :)
    phoenix31674 responded:
    I also gave up on hairbrushing. She has slightly curly hair and it knots quite well and she would fight too much. Lately she has decided we can play Cutie Shop and I can brush it. I also slather it up really well with conditioner in the tub and use a wide toothed comb to get the knots out, but once it's dry, I don't make a big fuss over it. I only wash her hair about 4-5 days unless it gets gunked up so it doesn't get too dry.
    Me (36), DH (35), DD (3), DS (10/4/10) and a cat
    Iocasta replied to Kimmy1545's response:
    Kimmy if memory serves me you are an accountant, which goes a long way into explaining your "nuttiness" and this goes for Lynn too. Because I know her response would be about the same. But hey what would the world do without you "need to have absolute order" types?
    steckie98 replied to Kimmy1545's response:
    Kim, I am very much like you. With a boy it's a little easier, at least mine, because he could care less what I dress him in. But he needs to match, shoes too, and have combed hair whenever we go out. If I have a girl in a few months, I shutter to think of the money I am going to spend on outfits. My DH better hope for another boy.

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