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    Thumb Sucking
    crunk05177 posted:
    Do any of your kids still suck their thumbs? Michael is 4 and 4 months and he still sucks his thumb. Not 24/7 like he did when he was younger. I catch him doing it when he is REALLY tired, REALLY sick, or REALLY overwhelmed/nervous. I don't have to check on him at night to see if he fell asleep because you can hear the sucking sound louder once he is passed out.
    Me (27), DH (30), DS1 - Michael (4) and DS2 - Nathan (1 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    Iocasta responded:
    Levi still sucks his thumb in much the same way. We are working on it but as I have told others on this board, it is easier to fix teeth than pysches so we are going let him give it up on his own schedule
    crunk05177 replied to Iocasta's response:
    I completely agree!! And as long as he isn't sitting in class sucking his thumb or getting ridiculed for it, I am ok with it....'

    However, with DS2, I pushed giving him a pacifier and now we are working on taking it away. I didn't want another thumb sucker.
    Me (27), DH (30), DS1 - Michael (4) and DS2 - Nathan (1 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    VicsEandJ responded:
    Neither of my kids have sucked their thumbs- but its because they were satidsfied with their longstanding pacifier addiction.

    DH & I took them away cold turkey( we gave several weeks warning and unsuccessfully tried to wean it) at Christmas ( DD was 2 ( the day before!), DS 3 1/2). It was tougher on DS. Just last night, after his bath, he said he wishes he had his bobo! I was so sad that he still talks about it, though I think its been about a month since the last comment. Almost everytime he has said thathe wantedit was when he was tired or sick.

    When they first stopped using the paicifiers, DH & I were extra vigilant about re-directiung them if they put their thumbs in their mouth. DD chewed on her finger a bit but never put her thumb in her mouth. DS ground his teeeth a bit (thnankfully the dentist said he did no damage), but neither figured out the thumb.

    DD recently got the first of her 2 year molars and she was miserable. DH & I noticed that she would put her whole hand in her mouth, in addition to chewing on eveything around- she bit the straw on her cup in half! It took me several days to realize she was doing it becuse of the teething. With all of her other teeth and all of DS's they had their pacifiers to help dela with the need to bite during teething. We just let her do what hseneeded to do. Once the tooth started to break through, she stopped.
    Iocasta replied to crunk05177's response:
    Levi found his thumb at two months and it was all over. I'm hoping for some healthy peer ridicule to cure the habit.
    MrsWhiteCastle replied to Iocasta's response:
    That's what I'm hoping for, too. Our pedi said the peer pressure was usually what put a stop to it.

    I wanted them to both be pacifier babies, but they wouldn't have it. Emily likes her pointer finger, Elizabeth likes her thumb. They only put them in their mouth when they are going to bed. We try to discourage it and remind them when they are doing it. I've just resigned myself to the fact they are both going to need braces.
    Emily (6) Elizabeth (4)
    Himalmom responded:
    Have you heard of Thumbuddy To Love? It helps kids stop thumb sucking in a fun and positive way without shame. Kids suck thier thumbs for a variety of reasons...boredom or just plane tired. Make it fun with a Thumbuddy and they will get motivated to quit. Wahtever you do, do not shame them. Thumbuddy To Love has won a Mom's Choice Award so google it.
    Iocasta replied to Himalmom's response:
    I don't think any of us said anything about shaming our children. In fact we said that we would allow them to be the drivers in this. Allowing peer pressure to play out as it does many many aspects of childhood (some good, some bad) isn't us shaming them. Yes, there is a shame component but having a sense of shame is an important social development. The product sounds fine if the child is only doing it out of boredom but Levi does it to self-sooth.
    Stephensmom1214 replied to Iocasta's response:
    Perhaps PP sells those... I agree with everyone - kids will stop the thumb sucking when they're ready. It's not really a big deal, I don't think.
    Patty, Erik, and Stephen (12/14/06)
    j9ween3 responded:
    I was a thumb sucker. The night before my 5th bday my mom had a talk with me. She told me big girls don't suck their thumb and starting tomorrow at 5 years old they don't suck their thumbs anymore. I asked how do I not suck it during the night & she told me to sleep with my hands under the pillow. It worked. I still sleep on my belly with my hands under the pillow. Good luck
    Janine - Tyler -6, Bella -4, Giana -12 months born 8 weeks early
    Iocasta replied to j9ween3's response:
    Thanks that is a good suggestion. Levi talks about wanting to give it up but night time is the real big hurdle.
    HayleesMom2007 replied to j9ween3's response:
    I don't think the comment was uncalled for at all. Himalmom simply made a suggestion of a product that was helpful in breaking children of thumbsucking which was totally related to this post and all she said was "Whatever you do, do not shame them." It wasn't like she came right out and accused someone of shaming their child or directed the comment to anyone. But of course someone had to jump to the defensive. I know I haven't been on the boards for a month or so, so I don't really know how it has been as of late but I know things were pretty bad on the 3 y/o board towards the end and you could barely talk about any subject with a fight errupting. Isn't that what forums like this are here for, people post there problems/questions/concerns and others give their opinions and suggestions? I think that is all Himalmom's was doing.

    I certainly don't mean to cause a big debate here or ruffle any feathers. I just got back to the boards and found all of the momma's that I thought had left over the constant drama on the 3 y/o board and I certainly don't want to start out on the wrong foot. I just think Lynn had a point, aren't we all here to offer support to one and other?
    critty000 replied to cinder44's response:
    DD is still sucking her thumb at 6. I made her a bunch of thumbbusters (little glove that covers only the thumb) She liked wearing them as a reminder to not suck, but then I would see her sleeping with the thumb thing rolled down. She was not ashamed of it. She even took her thumbuster to show and tell. She came home and asked me to make one for a friend of hers who doesn't even suck her thumb lol! I asked why the girl wanted one if she didn't suck her thumb. DD told me the girl thought it looked cool. DD's dentist was harsh about encouraging me to MAKE her stop, her pediatrian thought it was unfortunate, but nothing that I could really do except positive reinforcement for not sucking. Poor DD it has really altered her teeth. When she has a big a smile I feel a little bad that she would be much prettier if she had not re-shaped her mouth. :(
    Mom2Emma23 responded:
    My daughter is a thumb sucker and has been forever. We recently took her to the dentist and he had the nerve to tell me she needs pyschological help to get over it. : / I think most people over react about thumb sucking. We are not encouraging her to suck her thumb but I am not going to punish her for sucking it. I think it will run its course as previous posters had said, once peer pressure sets in. I sucked my thumb a LONG time and the only thing that worked was being embarassed about it because of kids my own age.
    UKbluegirl2 replied to VicsEandJ's response:
    Mia likes her index and middle fingers together. My other two did not care about their fingers, only pacifiers which we took away with no problems before they were 2YO. But man after reading this thread I really need to make Mia stop NOW !! Before it gets out of hand.

    As always thanks ladies! ;-)

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