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    Birth Story
    steckie98 posted:
    We arrived at the hospital at 7am on 9/14/11 for induction. After getting settled in, the doctor inserted the cytotec and said she would be back at Noon to break my water and get pitocin started if needed. Had just mild contractions that morning until she got back at noon.

    She broke my water, which was the absolute most painful part of the day, and started pitocin and an IV bag so that I could get my epidural after getting the fluids. I had a light lunch and contractions were coming stronger, but i was able to breathe through them. They were about three minutes apart until about 2pm, when they got much stronger. At 3pm, the nurse checked me and I was 6cm and almost completely effaced.
    I told everyone who came in that room that i wanted the epidural this time. LOL. And things were again going so fast I was feeling like I may not get it. The nurse gave me some Nubain to help dull the pain and called anesthesia at 4pm. He came in about 5 minutes, and within 15 had my epi in!! It was great, although it didn't numb my left side very well, but was still such a relief. I started having lots of pressure around 4:45pm and was fully dilated. Started pushing at 5pm and at 5:29pm Chloe was born!
    The experience this time compared to when I had Ashton was night and day. L&D was a breeze, was eating dinner by 6:15pm and felt ready to get out of the hospital at 7pm
    No complications with the baby this time, which meant no NICU like last time.
    Other than a HORRIBLE UTI that I have now, we are both doing good!
    Carrie(33), DH (37), DS(4 on 6/13/11),EDD 9/20/11 Team Pink!
    cinder44 responded:
    sounds like it went smoothly. I hope you feel better soon.

    Me, DH, DD(4), DS(4)
    crunk05177 responded:
    So glad it went smoothly. I was induced twice...the first time my water was broken after I recieved the epidural and the second time before. OMG....horrible horrible LOL! At first she didn't think my water broke so she was going to come back in a little to try again....god answered my prayers bc my water broke before she got back haha!

    I am glad you are feeling well!
    Me (28), DH (30), DS1 - Michael (4) and DS2 - Nathan (1 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    Mainemommy replied to crunk05177's response:
    I am glad it went well for you neither of mine went good though Jess was the worse w/ 3weeks in the hospital
    Steph 38 DH 42 DD 9 Asthma eczema and allergies DS 5 Eczema and milk allergy

    Backwards in High Heels
    samijac responded:

    So glad Mom and baby Chloe are doing great.

    I know what you mean about having your water broken.
    sarah0323 responded:
    Me 33, DD - O 12, DS1 -J 7, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 4, DD2 - E (11/10)
    UKbluegirl2 replied to sarah0323's response:
    Congratulations Carrie!! I'm so glad your births have gotten better. Most of us know how terribly mine have progressed. If I have a 4th, it will probably be born at home. lol.

    seeit2 responded:
    Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (40) DD (5) DS (1) Just eat it, will ya
    sarahdear responded:
    That's great news! Congratulations
    Sarah 31, DH 37, George 5, Danielle 3
    VicsEandJ responded:
    Congatulations, Carrie!

    Glad your delivery was easy! I got induced with both kids, had an epidural with both and had no complications during delivery and it really is the way to go, IMO, if it turns out that way!

    Hopefully by now your meds have kicked in for the UTI- they can be more painful than childbirth (or at least childnbirth with meds!).

    Although I'm not wishing to do it all again, the first few days and weeks with your baby are the most unique and wonderful and they go so fast- so enjoy every second with DD!
    Baby1at35 replied to VicsEandJ's response:
    Congrats !
    Me (42) 2 busy boys 6 yrs and 5 yrs

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