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    lil anxious
    Anon_149266 posted:
    I had been to a store today to buy some donuts for my daughter. There was a box of blue plastic sheets to use for taking the donuts off the shelf.The box of new sheets and a trash hole were side by side. and there were a few used plastic sheets sticking out of the trash hole. Without seeing I may have used a plastic sheet from the trash hole rather than from the box. My daughter has already eaten the donuts. And now it suddenly struck me...and got a lil anxious
    An_240941 responded:
    Are you mysophobic? or do you have OCD? By the way, if she hasn't gotten sick by now she probably isn't going to and you can relax now.Oh also BTW, Stephensmom1214, so curious about the bathroom licker story? What was that all about? Sound hilariously ridiculous!
    Anon_149266 replied to An_240941's response:
    No I am not making up these stories. And yes I agree I have some OCD and anxiety issues. If I seek therapy I hope my therapist wont ridicule me or make such comments on me....instead will try to help me out, listen and say something that will make me feel better instead of making me feel worse. I should have thought better than coming here and posting "fictional and " ridiculous" stories and also I didnt post anything abt bathroom licking either. Anyway will not come here again. I will spare you "normal" people the torture.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to Anon_149266's response:
    Hi Anon - I'm sorry if you feel attacked! This community has had "trolls" in the past so some may be sensitive to posts that seem out of the norm.

    WebMD has an excellent community that you might find helpful here: WebMD Anxiety & Panic Community

    It would be great if you could speak to your PCP and get some relief for your reactions to parenting situations - being a mom is hard and a doctor or talking to others could help ease some of your anxiety!
    An_240941 replied to Anon_149266's response:
    I'm not accusing you of making up stories or assuming you posted other strange stories. I had no ill intent. I was literally concerned about an actual possibility of mysophobia. Mysophobia is germaphobia and is different from OCD. I'm OCD and mysophobic. My case isn't extreme, but I have it non the less and have learned how to cope so it doesn't disrupt my day to day life. Also, I was not assuming you're the same person who posted the "bathroom licker story",I'm just was curious about the story. Sounded funny. If you want to talk I'm here and hold no judgement. If not I understand. Sometimes these communities that we come to for support harbor people that cast more judgment than anything. Unfortunately people forget not to throw stone when you live in glass houses (no one is perfect). Also, sometimes people get tired of those who tend to fabricate non existent stories for attention and therefore question anything that sounds "different" (understandably). Remember, just because people may judge you doesn't mean you have to judge them back or hold resentment (you never know what their story may be). Wouldn't it be nice if we could all keep an open mind and show each other some mutual respect?Hope your daughter is doing well and if you do feel you have OCD or mysophobia you should do a little research on it. Good luck to you.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to An_240941's response:
    Thank you for sharing your story Anon! I'm glad you have found a way to cope as well -

    An_240941 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    Well the other people posting here are calling this story "crazy" , "strange", and "absurd" and in reality it really isn't. I'm sure all of us in here might have gotten a little case of the hebee jebeez under the same circumstances. I can see how my initial response post could have been a little misconstrued as well though. I just wanted to clarify to the original poster what my true intent was and that I was legitimately asking her a question of concern. It's easy for miscommunication to occur through the typed word. It makes it hard to recognize the emotion behind the statements.

    As far as my story, well my kids are what made me "work it out". Toddlers don't exactly stay clean and perfectly germ free easily (unless they are made to live in a figurative bubble) and they definitely don't allow you to keep every thing perfectly situated in your perceived opinion of "it's rightful place" (especially considering kids think things should have a different "place" every 5 minutes !)

    So I had to force myself to come to terms with my things being moved around all the time. Sounds crazy, but for me it wasn't easy to deal with and it was really hard to adjust. I'm the type of person that if you barely move something of mine ( not even fully out of where it originally was) I would notice and I couldn't sleep until it was "fixed" to it's "place". I don't have to lock the door 5 times or avoid cracks or wash my hands 5 times in a row w/ 5 different bars of soap ( like I said, my case isn't severe or extreme), but I had a specific spot everything went in and it was very calculated and "perfect" and precise (for me in my mind). I still struggle with it at times, but I can sleep if things aren't "perfect" now. ( I have to quote these words to remind myself as I say/write them that they are my perceptions and not reality). Most people don't understand these issues and they sound crazy (heck they are!) and it causes a lot of judgement in my direction, but I'm ok with that because I remember to consider the source(s). It's easy to judge something strange that you yourself don't struggle with or have never seen someone else truly struggle through and much harder to understand. It's ok. I mean seriously, how many people understand someone having to have a run down 20yr old candle in the shape of a wizard in a specific place and it not being allowed to moved or that person freaks out? It just doesn't seem right. I know my issues and I recognize them and have come to terms with them and learned to unlearn my habits. There wasn't a lot of stability in my life and that was my way of instituting stability in my life once I was able to do so on my own and I felt like with out that stability my life would unravel and fall apart (method behind the madness I suppose). I now know I don't have to have that "security blanket" anymore though and that I can have stability without things being "perfectly placed". It wasn't easy to get there though. So that's my short story on my OCD.

    As far as being mysophobic, well think about it. That one isn't so crazy. The concept of a nation/world wide epidemic is a very real possibility of occurance. They just had a pertussis epidemic declared in Washington state. This is a serious illness that, although it cause no real harm to adults, is deadly in children and the elderly and very easily passed. California has 9,000 declared cases including 10 deaths, Washington has had 10 times that in 2011 and even Wisconsin has had 2,000 reported cases. It is spreading nation wide and stands to have the real possibility of a nation wide epidemic if something isn't done soon and if people don't start taking it seriously and soon. So being a germaphobic isn't all that crazy. Germs are spread through the things we touch, the air we breath, human contact, ect. Yet people still say it's stupid to "freak out" over germs. Yet to each their own I suppose.
    An_240941 replied to An_240941's response:
    My point being is although I may be judged ( and I'm sure I'll be the new "target of attack" by these other posters) it doesn't matter. I shared my story here right now because the original poster needs to know they may not be all that different after all and not everyone means to inflict harm and those who do may do it out of defense for their (this) forum and the, to put it delicately, "imaginative" people they have dealt with in the past. These communities are an escape or venting ground or a sharing pride place for us and some people tend to abuse that, so I can understand the defensiveness. I just wanted to try to give the original poster a different perspective (which isn't easy for me because I typically avoid discussing my own issues outside of places meant for it. ) Any how if they decide to come back they are welcome to talk with me about it if they have any questions...or anyone else is as well (assuming it's done respectfully. I don't waste time on judgmental or hurtful comments. It's unnecessary and cruelty isn't what this place is for anyway. Also, I have dealt with the misunderstandings of naive/ignorant people regarding my mental issues enough in the past. )

    But yes I have these issues, I'm aware of them, I'm not in denial about it, and I have found a way to conquer them and to stop them from effecting my life so they don't effect my kids (or husband). Honestly, if you looked at me or talked to me on any other subject you would never even know. I seem as "normal" (another perceived concept) as anyone else. Most people with basic cases of mental disorders do. Just as some addicts become very good at hiding their illness, so do we. But if one of us comes to a "normal people" forum looking for a little support it would be nice to see people show some understanding and compassion. The world is cruel enough in itself, why add to it?

    Also anyone curious on where I got my facts on the pertussis epidemic can check out this website:

    or do your own search if you'd prefer.
    crunk05177 responded:
    I was just lurking in the two year old board and the same anonymous person posted about her child eating a piece of gum at the park and not knowing whose it was.
    Me (28), DH (30), DS1 - Michael (4) and DS2 - Nathan (1 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
    momtotan replied to crunk05177's response:
    Yes She did!! I posted it in the wrong board though. I mean its okay..You can judge me however you like. My sister was very rude to me when I brought up my anxiety and OCD issues with her, you all I dont even know. So it doesnt hurt anymore when you all pass comments that hurt me.
    Anon_149266 replied to An_240941's response:
    Thank you for your understanding. Today I just cried reading your post. There are people like me out there. Everyday I deal with a situation like what my OP says....or something similar. One day its abt a public restroom, the next day abt a chewed gum or the next day abt trash. Today I found a used condom in a park where my DD usually plays. These kind of things freak me out.

    If anything happens to me I dont worry much but when it comes to my DD I am very sensitive and overprotective. May be this was born in me the moment she was born.

    I try to post anonymously most of the times. My screen name is momtotan by the way.

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