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    ROLL CALL! (and ? about community name)
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff posted:
    Good morning! I am working on changing the name of this community - I know many of our kids have "aged out" of 4&5. Any suggestions?

    Roll call questions:

    Name: Haylen
    Kids/school plans:
    DD1 : 7.5 years old, starting 2nd grade next week
    DD2: 4, starting pre-k in Sept

    Current Biggest Challenges:
    Dinner. It's over 100 here, I'm tired and we've been doing take-out & pizza too much
    Exercise. I have not been to yoga or walking in 2 weeks. I feel gross/stressed/trouble sleeping

    Best summer moment so far:
    A day on the beach with 4 other families from DD's school. Fun group of parents/kids. The dads took the kids exploring so moms had almost an hour of kid-free time!

    Who is next? Lurkers, please chime in - it's easy and you can post "anon" if you're shy

    Currently eating wheat waffle and gulping coffee
    tbkittycat responded:
    Name: Tammy
    Kids/school plans:
    DS (4; will be 5 9/3) starts kindergarten 9/4
    DD (2) no school yet

    Current Biggest Challenges:
    "Dinner. It's over 100 here, I'm tired and we've been doing take-out & pizza too much." Same here. I hate to cook too so that doesn't help matters.

    Exercise. It's too hot to walk during lunch. I do walk a bit in the mornings by getting off my train one stop earlier and walking the rest of the way to work.

    Best summer moment so far: Has nothing to do with the kids. For our anniversary, grandma watched the kids overnight and we went to Tahoe. We lounged on the beach, had "adult time" and went to dinner and a show.
    sarah0323 responded:
    Name: Sarah
    Kids/school plans:
    DD1: 13YO, starting 8th Grade
    DS1: 8YO, starting 3rd Grade
    DS2: 7YO, starting 1st Grade
    DS3: 5YO, starting Pre-K (this is his 3rd year. He is very speech delayed.)
    DD2: 1YO, still at home

    Current Biggest Challenges:
    We have a few things going on. I have been trying to get the kids back in the routine of going to bed earlier and getting up earlier. They are not liking it. This morning wasn't as bad though. Glad we still have a few days before school starts.

    Exercise. It has been too hot to do formal exercise, but I have been weeding the garden. That has to count for something. It has actually cooled down for us a little bit. We are in the 90's. I normally walk over my lunch so am excited to be able to start that again.

    Best summer moment so far:
    Going and getting the kids a trampoline on July3rd. We set it up that night then the kids brought out their pillows and blankets and we laid their and watched the fireworks going off all around us. Even the dog joined us. It was just a quiet moment. No one was arguing or fighting. Wish I had more time like that.

    What about "Moms talking" or Mom's Break Time.
    Me 33, DD - O 13, DS1 -J 8, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 5, DD2 - E (11/10)
    mrswhitecastle responded:
    I think that's an awesome idea to change the board name.

    Kids/school plans:
    Emily : 7.5 years old, starting 2nd grade
    Elizabeth : 5.5 (oh my, I just realized she is 5 and a half) years old, starting kindergarten

    Current Biggest Challenges:
    Seeing my girls go back to school next week.
    Logging my food and eating better.
    Transitioning grandparents into a nursing home, and adjusting to being a caregiver from a state away.

    Best Summer moment so far:
    June - weather was nicer and we went to Six Flags a lot.
    July - hot, so we went to the community pool a lot.

    for me - started a spinning class, and found a form of exercise I absolutely LOVE.
    Emily (7) Elizabeth (5)
    laney0705 responded:
    Name: Alana
    Kids/School plans:
    DS: 6.5, starts 1st grade on Sept. 5th
    DD: 2 3/4 (almost 3) still going to speech therapy and has improved tremendously.

    Current Biggest Challenges:
    Getting school supplies. Exercise/eating right

    Best summer moment so far:
    Going to the beach for a couple days
    Spending the day in my BIL pool (just me and kids) they had so much fun
    cyn22mull responded:
    Name: Cindy
    Kids/school plans:
    DS: 4, starting pre-k in Sept

    Current Biggest Challenges:
    Dinner. Running out of ideas, seems like we have the same thing each week. Exercise. It has been so hot here but i need to get outside and start walking

    Best summer moment so far:
    Going to Disney with my family including my parents and my sister and brother-in-law. Also going to the beach.
    Cindy 36, DH 40, DS 4
    cinder44 responded:
    Name: Cinda
    Kids/school plans:
    DD & DS: 5 years old, both starting Kindergarten the week of 8/28

    Current Biggest Challenges:
    Getting the kids to bed on time. Summer is for fun & there's lots to do.
    I'm also stressing over them starting Kindergarten.
    Eating badly with the fair & just being busy so we have been eating out too. I still haven't gotten back down to pre- vacation weight.

    Best summer moment so far:
    Our vacation to the water park & the zoo. Going to the pool & seeing how much they have progressed with their swimming skills.
    Me, DH, DD(5), DS(5)
    baby1at35 replied to cinder44's response:
    I am all for changing the name of the board!

    Name: Sandra
    Kids/school plans:
    Henry 7 yrs old Tre 6 yrs. 1st grade and 2nd grade. New school this year so very excited!
    Current Biggest Challenges:
    Job search. Trying to figure out what is best for family/me ect. Not fun. Also trying to keep working out with an extremely busy schedule lately.
    Best summer moment so far:
    Our vacations, swimming pool time. hanging out and doing all the new sports activities. We have had a lot of fun..
    Me (43) 2 busy boys 7 yrs and 6 yrs
    seeit2 responded:
    Name: Deb
    Kids: DD 6 starting 1st grade
    DS almost 3 no school plans

    Current challenges: Getting everything set up for first grade. WIth DD's allergy I need to get allergist visited, new scrips for epi pens, new health plans in place with the health staff, and meet with her new teacher to go over how to keep her safe and start building that relationship. Her new teacher has already called me, so we are off to a good start.

    Best summer moment: It's been pretty boring here, I'd say playing in the pool every afternoon makes us all pretty happy.

    I also agree on changing the name - especially because I don't want to go to any other board lol. (That elementary board is not much fun)...
    Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (41) DD (5) DS (2) Just eat it, will ya
    kc_94920 responded:
    Roll call questions:

    Name: KC Kids/school plans: DD1: 9.5 years old, starting 4th grade on 8/29 DS: 7.5 years old, starting 2nd grade on 8/29 DD2: 4, starting pre-k on 8/29

    Current Biggest Challenges: Getting myself and DD1 prepared for her week away at summer camp. She leaves on the 18th....

    Best summer moment so far: We've had an amazing summer but I have especially loved the lazy and relaxing 3 weeks that we've spent at the lake. Summer accomplishments included a lead role in the theater company's summer performance (DD1), picking up and loving the sport of golf (DS), and ditching the training wheels for good (DD2).
    KC~ Mady (9) Logan (7) and Coco (4)
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to kc_94920's response:
    Thanks for the feedback - I'll see what I can do about the board name...

    4 days till 2nd grade - tick tock tick tock...trying to remain calm...
    leftcoastgirl responded:
    Lurker answering!

    Name: Kristyn
    Kids/school plans:
    DD1 is 4 and in pre-school
    DD2 is 7 months old

    Current Biggest Challenges:
    Still feel like I'm getting my sea legs back at work after DD2's birth.

    Best summer moment so far:
    DD1's dance recital in June. She's a shy girl, so we didn't know how she'd react to being up on stage. She had a ball, and we loved watching her dance!
    Me (36), DH (36), DD1 (4), DD2 (born in January!)
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to leftcoastgirl's response:
    Yea for lurkers! Welcome you live on the left coast? I'm in Los Angeles (109 at my house today)

    How cute is a 4 year old dance recital? I recently opened a box at my moms house and found a purple tutu that I wore when I was 7 or 8. Would love for my girls to like dancing but no luck.

    A 7 month old...I remember those days....barely!

    kristinmarie722 responded:
    Name: Kristin
    Kids/school plans:
    DS: 7, starting 2nd grade at a new school

    Current Biggest Challenges:
    Eating healthy and being more active. More so for DS. Since we bought a new house this summer, I have been busy but I havent' been very good about making DS get out and get active. I chalk it up to a new neighborhood, we got new cats, he got a DSi.

    Best summer moment so far:
    Went hiking with DS and fiance and had a picnic lunch. Also visited some friends in KY and that was nice Other then that summer has been consumed by the new house.
    DS- 7/4/2005
    ryanandleigh responded:
    OK - I haven't been on the boards all summer but maybe with school starting soon I will have time to check in more often.

    Name: Leigh[br>Kids/school plans: [br>DS : 7years old, starting 1st grade on Aug. 27[br>DD: 4, starting pre-k on Sept 4 [br>[br>Current Biggest Challenges: [br>Keeping the kids from driving me crazy before school starts. I think they need a little more time away from each other.

    Also finding the time to get all the things done on my to-do-list and finding time to spend with the kiddos [br>[br>Best summer moment so far: [br>Our trip to Disney World at the beginning of the summer.
    Leigh, Jacen (6), Alexa (3)

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