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    "The" Talk
    mrswhitecastle posted:
    Well, I bit the bullet and had the talk with Emily. I must say, I was much less nervous this time than when my Mom had the talk with me!

    I thought it was time. She had heard the word sex before, but wasn't sure what it meant. Plus, she had come up with her own ideas of how babies were made, and I wanted to straighten that out.

    I'm glad that I did it. She is the type where we will talk about something, but she will need a few days to process it. I didn't go into detail about all the changes her body will make, but will before school starts up this fall. (I know some girls started their periods when I was in 3rd grade, and I don't want her to be taken by surprise.)

    I expected to be all nervous about it, but, surprisingly, I wasn't. Phew!
    Emily (8) Elizabeth (6)
    kc_94920 responded:
    Wow! Good for you. I bet you feel relieved.

    I still have not had the intercourse/baby/sex conversation with DD1 yet (she'll be 11 and in 5th grade next Fall) but that's only because she simply has not shown any interest. We have talked very openly about puberty and how her body will change and she even talks with her girls friends about these things but for whatever reason sex has not come up yet with any of them.

    Our school does sex education at the end of 5th grade and it is suggested the kids understand the basics before that point so it will have to happen for us within the next 11 months, probably do it over Christmas break. Not one girl in her class of 17 girls has developed more than a tiny breast bud and none have started their periods but I suspect this will change as they begin turning 11.
    KC~ Mady (10) Logan (7.5) and Coco (4.5)
    earleyml1012 responded:
    Wow! They seem so young to be talking about this stuff but I guess it needs to happen earlier than when we were kids. I have two girls (4 and 1) and I dread the day I have to talk about this. Did you use a book?
    mrswhitecastle replied to earleyml1012's response:
    No, I didn't use any book. Based on an informal poll I did on this board a few months ago, I do think I'm on the young side to have this discussion.

    Really, it was not that awkward to do. And, I'm really glad that I have started the conversation with her.

    Starting a few years ago, I would make a big deal of having "girl talk" with both DDs. They think it's really fun. Sometimes it will be me with both girls, or just one-on-one. It's usually right before bed time, DH will go downstairs, and we will lay in bed and have our girl talk. I think having that established helped, too.
    Emily (8) Elizabeth (6)
    kc_94920 replied to earleyml1012's response:
    As I stated before, we haven't discussed this soup-to-nuts but we did find a book on the subject of puberty and develoment absolutely invaluable for DD1. Its called the Care and Keeping of You and is put out by American Girl. It's so well written and illustrated and really does take all the awkwardness out of broaching the subject of boob, periods, hair, odor, hygene, etc.
    They now have a care and Keeping of You 2, for older girls, and it is at the top of DD1's book wish list.

    I have another book that goes deper into the talk and explains, love, intimacy, sex, babies, etc but have not done much more than look through it for future reference. I will use it as a spring board for both DDs and DS when the time comes. Happy to get the name of it if you are looking for something like that.
    KC~ Mady (10) Logan (7.5) and Coco (4.5)

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