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    Poll: Bedtime routines (all ages)
    seeit2 posted:
    What do your kids do before bed? How old are they? Do they play or read or watch tv? (I think I may have to do what Crunk said and keep DS up later - just not sure what to do with him if I do)

    My 7 yr old has a bath and then reads or plays quietly in her room for 30 minutes or so. DS reads a book with me and then passes out right afterward.
    Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (42) DD (6) DS (3) Just eat it, will ya
    jlynnpaine responded:
    DD1 is 4.5 and DD2 is 18 months. We eat dinner at 5:30 and then they play until bath time around 6:30 or 6:45. Then we all read together, DD2 nurses and is put in her crib. Until this past week, DD1 went to sleep at the same time. However we've had to mix it up. She's been protesting that it's not fair that she has to go to bed at the same time as little sister and kept getting up and was fighting sleep for hours in protest. So we agreed to let her stay up for an extra 10 minutes with us reading on the couch. If she stays in bed all night, she gets 10 minutes again the next night. If not, she has to go to bed at the same time as DD2. She's gone to sleep without so much as a peep this week and is very happy that she, "Gets to feel more like an adult."
    laney0705 responded:
    Both kids go to bed at same time. After dinner they watch tv or play until it's time to go to bed. We try to get them upstairs around 7:45 and by the time we are all done it's almost 8:30. The kids either want to wrestle with daddy or read books. most of the time is wrestling which I don't like b/c it just gets them all wound up before bed.

    We keep saying we are going to start earlier like 7:30 but it just doesn't always work out that way.
    kc_94920 responded:
    DD(5) takes a bath after dinner and usually has a few minutes to play in her room before we read a chapter in her book together, snuggle for a bit and then goes to bed. We eat from 5-5:45 and she is asleep by 7pm.

    DS( usually showers before dinner and works on homework and practices his violin after dinner. If he is finished by 6:30 he can watch 30 minutes of a show or use the computer. At 7:00, DH takes him up to read and have their "man time". DS goes to bed at between 7:30 and 7:45.

    DD(11) has the freedom to make her own choices after dinner. She has to shower, finish her homework and get stuff ready/packed for the next day but is free to choose after that (usually between 7 and . She usually hangs with me but will also, draw, watch a show, play a game or text her BFF. At 8:00, she goes upstairs, feeds and waters her hamster and then reads until "lights out" at 8:30.
    KC~ Mady (10) Logan (7.5) and Coco (4.5)
    sarah0323 responded:
    We don't get home from group until 6:20. I either reheat something or throw something together and we eat anywhere from 7:15 to 7:30. After dinner is meds and bed for my 9, 8 & 6 year old by 8:00. While I'm getting dinner ready they usually watch tv. I know I'm no help. We just have a really weird schedule. We do homework and showers before school.

    My 3YO eats with us (she snacks all day so usually just comes to the table). Then she gets a bath and bed by 9:00. She doesn't have to get up in the mornings so she sleeps in.
    Me 33, DD - O 13, DS1 -J 8, DS2 - Cr 6, DS3 - Co 5, DD2 - E (11/10)

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