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    Pedia-lax suppositories
    jdblack78 posted:
    Has anyone used this on their baby? My son has been really constipated from his oatmeal cereal. I have been feeding him prunes and it hasn't been working. He goes just a little bit and he is really grunting bad. My friend's sister is a pediatrician and she said that I should let the prunes try to do the work for another day but if I have to I can use a glycerin suppository and use 1/4th of it so my question is ...has anyone else used these and if so how did it work for you?
    SuperMomWannaBe1984 responded:
    I have used them . . . both the "tablets" or whatever and the little liquid "bulbs" that you squeeze into their little butts. I know it sounds terrible, but you know . . . Anyway, both worked fine and didn't seem to have any negative side effects. When I used the suppository "tablets" I just cut them in half long way. The only thing I have to say about these is that my lo squeezed it back out of her butt before it had time to desolve so I had to squeeze her butt cheeks together to hold it in. When I used the little bulbs that are filled with liquid, you just put it in their little butt and squeeze and the liquid goes in. Only about half of the liquid ever actually went in anyway, so I don't worry about the amount. Anyway, they work right away, like within 10 - 15 mins. However, if your lo isn't uncomfortable or in pain you might give it another day for the prunes. My lo has gone as much as 7 days without pooping before without acting like she was hurting and then she finally has one REALLY big pooh and she's fine. But when she acts like she's hurting I give her the suppository. HTH
    CansMom99 responded:
    Hey Jennifer. I have not used a supp. yet, but you can take a rectal thermometer and insert like you are going to check his temp and sometimes this will start his bowels. I hate using rectal them, but it does work sometimes if the child is constipated. Also you can add prune juice to his formula and this also should help. HTH!!!!
    meaghenfriel responded:
    I have used the glycerin suppositories several times as a sort of last resort and they always work wonders. I buy the infant ones and if they're under 6 months, then just cut in half lengthwise and if over 6 months than a normal one should be ok. Just insert gently and wait. It usually takes likes 15 minutes to an hour, and the suppository comes back out with the excrement, so don't be surprised when you see it again, it has already done it's job. They always work and are really no big deal. I recommend them.
    mommy_to_be_09 responded:
    My almost 3 week old son was really constipated and hurting so bad, that his dr said to get some of the suppositories and use em on a as needed basis, so i did (she said to use a whole one), well his daddy tried to do it a gazillion times but couldnt do it, it kept poppin out, so i called the dr and asked and she said to hold it in by putting your finger over the butthole. so i had his daddy do it.. and a lil poop came out on his daddys finger and daddy started puking.. so i had to do it.. it didnt melt all the way, but i held it in for like 5 mins.. and moved my finger and a big blockage came out then he shot poop on me.. but he was content after that.. hes still a lil blocked cus it hasnt moved all the way down yet to get the rest out.. but hes happy! it works
    JoeBabes responded:
    How long has he been constipated? I would use the supposotories as a last resort. Someone else suggested it but I just want to say that sometimes doing the anal stimulation really does work to get things going. The longest my son has gone without pooping was 5 days. I just used diluted apple juice or apple prune juice from Gerber. When it didn't seem like it was working fast enough I stopped diluting the juice and he took 3 huge poops that day. HTH
    StarryGrrl responded:
    My LO gets really constipated a lot and his surgeon told us to never let him go more than 48 hours without pooping (special circumstances since this is not true for normal babies). We've used suppositories several times and they work wonders. My LO usually poops a lot in like 5 mins!

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