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    Yogurt for my baby?
    abbysmom2010 posted:
    My daughter is 7 months old. She is breastfed, but has been on cereal since she was 4 months as she was still really hungry. Then she started some baby jar food at 5 months, she eats a little each day, but then has table food and the baby mum mums (rice rusks that melt), all okay with her pediatrician that I completely trust. I won't be going back to him for a while, until her next shots in January if she doesn't get sick, so my question is, can she start those yogurt melts, or the baby food that has yogurt in it, or just straight yogurt? I know they say no dairy til a year, but I see all these baby foods with it in it, and the melts, and even little baby containers of just it safe for her? She chews all foods very well and refuses bites when she already has one in her mouth, good girl :) Thanks everyone! (I have a poll for it, but would appreciate a response with reasoning too please :) )

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    Ihgirl1066 responded:
    i buy the baby yogurt for my lo, he's been eating it since 5 months.
    Madilannesmommy responded:
    I feed my 6 month old daughter straight yogurt, and I have done so since she was 4 months old. I purchase the vanilla flavored yogurt, and she loves it. Straight yogurt is actually good for babies for several reasons: The live culture in the yogurt helps to prevent tummy troubles. It also helps their little bodies produce the natural flora that antibiotics can take away. Even when you have a child that is lactose intolerant (like mine) their tummies can still handle yogurt; my sister who is a doctor told me this! The only thing that she does not recommend is feeding them yogurt that has "fruit chunks" until they have learned to recognize textures (which obviously your baby has). She also explained to me that the "baby" yogurt, with the exception of Yobaby, has been manufactured in a way that all of the "good" things that yogurt can provide to them is destroyed when it is pasturized! That is why you see the Gerber yogurt on the shelf and not the dairy isle with the Yobaby! Hope this helps!

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