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    Solid foods????
    wmatto83 posted:
    Looking for some advice here. My son eats all the stage 2 foods no problem what so ever. But I was reading this little journal I keep and it gives you tips to do with your baby each week. This week says try to start them on more solid foods like cheerios and bananas and solid foods like that???? I am scared I don't want to try and give it to him in fear he will choke. And he only has two bottom teeth. When did everyone else introduce these foods to their LOs???
    ME 28 DH 39 DS born 5/24/11 Two Fury sons both 5
    zabroza86 responded:
    I've been giving my LO some of those puffs but I watch him like a hawk though. He LOVES to pick them up and smash them in his hands, but other than that it rarely makes it into his mouth. I have also been giving him those teething cookies since that's all he wants to do is gum everything and he eats like it nothing.
    sdadkin responded:
    It is very scary as a mom to start giving your baby solid foods. But they can eat better than you would think. I have been giving DS2 a few things here and there (he's 8 months today!) but I haven't tried cheerios yet. I have let him take a bite off of a banana and he had no problem with it. He loved it. I try to give him little teeny tiny bites of whatever we are having for dinner. As long as you are sitting right next to him I think it's okay to start giving him real food. If he does start to choke a little bit then you will be right there to help him out.

    You should also be trying to give him a sippy cup. I found one that has 2 handles on the side and it came with 2 different nipples. One like a bottle and the other like a sippy cup one. If you don't get them used to the sippy cup early then you will have a terrible time getting them to give up the bottle! HTH!
    wmatto83 responded:
    Thank you both! I think I will start giving TINY bits of whatever I am having and just watch him like a hawk! I know he will love it he constantly reaching for his bowl of cearal! I do give him a sippy cup and he does sooo well with it. He has been using a sippy cup for about a month now. When are they usually off the bottle???
    ME 28 DH 39 DS born 5/24/11 Two Fury sons both 5
    sdadkin replied to wmatto83's response:
    Again, it's different for every baby but we stopped using a bottle with our first son right around the time he turned one and we switched to whole milk. He had been using a sippy cup for awhile and we had no problems about not using the bottle anymore. I think I might have trouble with DS2 though because I am having a hard time getting him to drink from a sippy cup. I think it is because he is so lazy! lol. We bought a new kind of sippy cup to try. Hopefully it works!
    wmatto83 replied to sdadkin's response:
    Thanks!! I tried spagetthi last night with my little guy of course chopped into mush and I let him try to feed himself (with his hands) he didn't like the touch of it at first. Then he was okay and put it in his mouth he wasn't digging it at all lol!! It was funny to watch because of the faces he was making it was cracking DH & I up.
    I use the NUK sippy cups they nice big handles that jut out the sides and he holds and manages very well. Good Luck!
    ME 28 DH 39 DS born 5/24/11 Two Fury sons both 5
    jminer333 responded:
    I had my son on watery rice cereal at 5 weeks because he hate so much formula. Now he eats carrots, peas, pasta, bananas, apples, long as they are cooked down and a little mushy. My son had his first two teeth at 4 months. He has been eating solids for about that long as well. Don't be worried about it, just make sure the pieces aren't round...that is the biggest choking hazard. They should be pea size to start. As he gets better at eating them, you can make the pieces bigger. But stay away from round pieces until he has most of his teeth.
    My son eats bites almost as big as the ones my 6-year-old takes now. It can be nerve racking. But just go slow.

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