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    Jasmindl posted:
    My 8 month old cries so hard he stops breathing, eyes turn red, and lips turn purple. After he reacts he doesn't seem himself. Is like he's in shock. It has happened more then 4 times already, but this time it was longer then 10 seconds. We got very scared. What can cause that to happen? I don't feel like is normal. My older son use to cry like that but never to the point were he turns almost black.
    Epilepsymom responded:
    I have a son who is epileptic and not to alram you, but I would have him seen by a nuerologist. Hopefully that is not the case but it sounds like a seizure. There are different types of seizues they aren't all like we invision them with the falling out foaming out the mouth and convulsions. It could be as simple as what he is showing you. My son will sound like he's crying, eyes wide open lips turn blue body stiff and this last for 4-8 minutes in clusters, and afterards he's out sleeping for about 30-45 minutes. Initially I had no idea what was going on so I called 911. This started at 9 months he is now 1 year 3 months and still having Grand Mal seizures. God bless you and your family and again I pray that is not the case but it is a start to find out what is going on with your angle. Good luck!
    Jasmindl replied to Epilepsymom's response:
    Thank you. I hope is not that either. I know his dad has an anarism in his brain but he told me it was cause by an accident. Nobody else in the family suffers from seizures. He has a doctors appointment on the 28th this month. Hopefully he tells me what has to be done to know for sure what's going on. We got so scared that everytime he starts to cry we carry him and do anything to make him stop crying so that won't happen again. My mom did told me that it looked like he was having a seizure. Lets see what happens. Thank you and Good luck with your son 2

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