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    pcdsjh posted:
    I have a baby that is almost 8months old and he doesn;t sleep all nite yet. Have tryed everything. I don't know what more I can do. There is times he gets up every hour on the hour. Then there is times he gets up every three hours. I need help
    ElanaGoldleaf responded:
    My daughter is 7 months now and she woke up every three hours to eat. The Dr. said it was because we co-slept for a while (5 months) and she was used to being breastfed.(she is on formula now). So we are giving her less and less in the bottle and letting her fuss a little before going back to sleep. She is now waking up every 4-7 hours which is really a relief.
    I wasn't into letting her "cry it out" so we waited until she was comfortable in the crib and don't ever let her cry for a long time. Some nights are just bad nights.

    But try to put a shirt that you wear in the crib with your baby so she/he has something to remind him/her of mommy.
    ElanaGoldleaf responded:
    Don't worry, PCDSJH.... many parents have been where you are and I still am... We have a nine month old that was breastfed for 6 months, and we co-slept with her... breaking her was a disaster that we finally got through... Here are my tips
    1. MAKE SURE BABY GETS ENOUGH SLEEP.... It's true that very very tired babies do not drift off to sleep too well. Make sure that your little one is getting plenty of naps during the day.... Babies of that age still sleep 12-16 hours per day with two or even three naps.
    2. FILL THE TANK.... babies that are full of calories prior to sleep do not usually need to eat at night... make sure he/she is eating solid meals that include cereal and a variety of fruits and veggies
    3. TEETHING SUCKS.... your little one is at the age where teething is never ending.... try baby oragel... they even make an all natural teething tablet that you disolve and rub on baby's little gums to ease nighttime wakefullnesss... we use Humphrey's all natural.
    4. SORRY, YOU HAVE TO CRY IT OUT.... I dreaded sleep training.... I did not want her to sleep in her room alone crying for hours and hours... until I was becoming a zombie from lack of sleep.... put the little one to bed and say goodnight.... start coming back to assure her that you are there first five minutes, then ten, then 20 until she falls asleep.... the first time we did it, she cried for 45 minutes and passed out, but keep in mind that some babies will cry for hours... you may have a few sleepness nights, but it will be worth it when you finally get some sleep. If your little one wakes up after an hour, let her cry... if it's been four, give her a small bottle and keep decreasing the amount to wean her off of nighttime bottles.
    5. SOMETIMES BABY JUST WON"T SLEEP.... every child eventually sleeps through the night... some are faster than others. Virtually every sleep training book and website will tell you that eventually your baby will sleep through the night just like you do... Don't force your little one to do things that are too scary too fast.

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