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    If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this:
    roxanne156 posted:
    If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this:

    I don'' post a lot on here anymore but I do know this comes up a lot in discussions.
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    Ellasmommy811 responded:
    I just feel bad for all of the children and generations to come that are victims of non-vaxing parents. I know that most of the childhood diseases that caused life-long problems and/or death aren't really seen much anymore, but that is because of the vaccines. If people keep not vaccinating their children then the risk of getting said childhood diseases will rise again. With so many choosing not to vacinate already I am concerned with taking my child out in public for fear that she will catch something from another person/child that didn't get their vaccines being that she isn't old enough for some of the vaccines yet. I know some of these parents believe that they have their childs best interest in mind, but how are you going to feel if your child catches the measles and passes away, or spreads it to another child who isn't old enough for the vaccine yet? How would you feel if you are the one responsible for giving a helpless child a disease that they will never recover from? What about the people's children who do have reactions to the vaccinations if the other children get the vaccinations it makes it a lot less likely that a child who cannot have the vaccine won't catch said disease. I see a lot of children suffering when it doesn't have to happen. This is a topic that always strikes a nerve. I guess because I care about the health of all children not just my own. Yes her health and safety come first, but why should I ignore other childrens' health. If you see a child going to run in front of a car do you not try to stop the child even if it is not your child? I guarantee you that most of the parents that have lost children would have prevented it if they could have.
    undefined replied to Ellasmommy811's response:
    First, we feel bad for all of the misinformed parents like yourself that truly are misinformed. It has reached an uncomfortable level anymore where no discussion is even continuing because parents have allowed this subject to become so polarized.
    Unfortunately, there really is a lot of misinformation on both sides. And anyone really needs to be asking themselves some key questions - such as - Why was it even necessary to provide a blanket limitation towards lawsuits being filed towards vaccine companies? If they are so safe - why would this coverage ever be needed? Also look at when these pharma companies became household names - Merk - 1985 - coincidence? I think not. Why has autism gone from 1 / 10,000 in 1985 to 1 / 50 in 2010? Of course the majority stills enjoys release from pain and calamity within their family - ultimately having to watch your own suffer from an action you took - especially if it leads to death is the worst pain anyone should ever have to endure. Why should anyone have to deal with this even be a proposed odd when the odds of catching the disease is 0.002 % where as the odd of giving your child autism is 1% (current dates being used for some specific diseases. Of course, these companies want this fear to continue to trump logic and of course back when the disease itself killed more then those that suffered ill effects to the vaccines it was an easier dilemma. But now we see Big Pharma with the most money and influence in society and this influence is seen throughout many dr's that have somehow gained the utmost respect - what I would consider blind respect among so many of us trusting Americans.
    Now at the same time, I will surprise many and say that I believe in certain vaccines. I will not say which bc I want the readers to do their own research - exhaustive research - your childs life is more than worth it, But I will add that Merck and GSK are two of the co's I have big issues with - especially regarding their doing away with single dosing and insisting on merging a lot of potentially harmful vaccines that would otherwise be safe in single doses. The MMR is just one but I would say dTap is yet another. I have heard their logic as to why - now where is the why not? Unfortunately the why nots have all been broken - forced to watch their children become memories and thus killing a piece os within. This is the travesty. Whats more, the greatest tragedy is when I see someone with so little formal education and understanding into the subject matter takes it upon themselves to be the expert voice and spread more propaganda aimed at the whole "follow and comply" (sheep mentality) - this is not what anyone should be. Nor should anyone that disagrees with me or them be lashed out at - as though they are ignorant. Instead - we need to maintain our respect and understanding and try to learn more of why - digging deeper and uncovering the hidden truths will be the only way I think we will reach a true resolve. Otherwise, we will continue to waiver back and forth between more of a totalitarian dictatorship regarding who MUST get vaccines and the side where the opposing side rebels an affect that ends up costing themselves, potentially their kids, and others kids. Ultimately we must remember who is at the end here. Dont they truly deserve our respect and dedication towards learning more on what is going on with regards to this and how to make it better? I will end with the same reminder - why did they need a law in 1985 to protect the medical pharma industry? Why are these medical malpractice claims forced to be paid now from a governmental fund as opposed to from the industry responsible for producing the bad batch of medications? When Tylenol had their bottles tampered with in the 80's the answer was for them to put protective lining within the caps. (first Tylenol(J&J) - then all others followed suit). Our tax dollars didn't pay for this - that company did. This is as it should be. Please search yourself.

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