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    low lactose formula to whole milk
    hmc0625 posted:
    My son is 2.5 months old and I figured the "big kid" mommies may be able to help. For those of you whose child had to be on lactose free or low lactose formula, did you make a switch to regular formula prior to starting whole milk? We are using Gentlease now and I am debating if I should try to get him on regular formula if I can prior to him drinking whole milk. I am asking now because in the next month and a half he will be getting cereal and I wanted to give him time to adjust before we bring on the food.
    mazdagirl1977 responded:
    DD has been on Similac Isomil Soy from the time she was two weeks old (I am in the process of weaning her off formula). I never made the switch to regular formula. The pediatrician told me I could begin giving her whole milk at one year. I attempted to give her whole milk and lactose free milk but she's allergic to both.

    I would ask your pediatrician when you should begin giving your LO milk products. My understanding is whole milk does not provide the same nutrition as formula so milk should wait until 1 year.
    parent1111 responded:
    Hey, I realize this post is old, but I am only posting because I am having trouble finding much on this topic and hope this will help someone in the same predicament as me one day. My baby is 12 months and has been on low lactose formula since she was about 3 months old (after breast feeding for 6 weeks it took us this long to find a formula that wouldn't cause regular and bountiful spit-up). Anyway, we are transitioning her to whole milk now and she is MISERABLE, gas, bloating, very wet poopy diapers. We think lactose is the cause but I have read it is uncommon for such young children to have a lactose intolerance...we are going to the doctor today to see what they suggest...I will post back tomorrow. Also, she does fine with a little milk (4 oz/dayish) and has never had obvious problems with yogurt, cheese, ice cream or any thing like that...
    nagrom66 replied to parent1111's response:
    Hi, I was wondering what you found out when you went to the doctor. My daughter is in the process of transitioning my grandson over from Prosobee formula to milk and she says he is also miserable, gas, bloating cranky. We don't know if we should change to Soy milk or what. Any suggestions?

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