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    Food Allergies - help!
    katienesheiwat posted:
    Hi everyone - My daughter Layla is 9 1/2 months - I have suspected a milk allergy for months, so we started her on soy formula when I gave up BFing at 7 months. She has had eczema since birth, but we recently had her tested for food allergies and it turns out that she's allergic to:

    Has anyone gone through this? I am at a loss of what to feed my daughter to ensure her adequate nutrition - She eats earth's best baby food, but I had been giving her table food (egg yolk, pasta, cereal puffs) which I can't now. Also, the dr said to start her on Similac Alimentum formula, but she refuses to drink it - she just went to bed without her bottle and she wouldn't drink it this afternoon either. PLEASE HELP!
    heather7257 responded:
    Yikes. I have heard that allergy testing in babies isn't always that accurate. Maybe it is wrong. Have you noticed her reacting to all of those foods? What did your pedi tell you to do? If you want to avoid all of those, I would talk to a nutritionist ASAP. They well help you come up with healthy alternatives. Good luck!
    katienesheiwat replied to heather7257's response:
    The only reaction I have noticed is her eczema flairs up. She developed a very red rash around her mouth at 4 months when I tried to give her formula (I BF for the first 6 months exclusively, then she weaned herself at 8 months). I occasionally gave her soy to supplement, and that's what she's been drinking ever since - I had no IDEA that her eczema could be due to a soy allergy! However, being that soy and wheat are in EVERYTHING, I didn't think that could have been contributing to her skin problems. I tried egg yolks three times after 8 months because I wanted to make sure she was getting enough healthy fats, because she couldn't have cheese or yogurt. The first time she got a rash, the second time, I didn't notice a reaction.

    The pediatrician told us to take her to a pediatric allergist and I set up an appointment for next Tuesday - the earliest they could see her.

    In the meantime, I continue to feed her Earth's Best organic fruits, vegetables and meats. I won't give her any table food because everything that I had been giving her (pasta, baby cereal, gerber puffs) all contain either wheat or soy!!
    heather7257 replied to katienesheiwat's response:
    I am glad you are going to see a specialist, I am sure they will have some good ideas. Yes eczema can often be caused by food allergies. My DD has had pretty bad eczema at times, but I think hers is more environmental. We have had great success usingA Aveno Baby soothing relief moisture cream and laundry detergent without fragrence or perfume. We also don't use dryer sheets anymore. This has seemed to help her. I also went off of milk and soy products (I BF) and am just no starting to add them back in. DD gets a bad rash on her cheeks when she is teething I think form all the drool. I put a little vaseline on it and that seems to help .. Good luck, keep us posted!

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