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    Are you serious?!?!?!
    elegi23 posted:
    So DH is an assistant t-ball coach. I went to one of his games last night, and of course all the little kids on the team are 5 or 6, so there was a lot of little kids running around. Well, I was sitting on the home team side, in the bleachers at the bottom, b/c I had DD stroller and she was sitting in it, staring intently at her Daddy. There was a lady sitting next to me, now keep in mind, there wasn't a LOT of people there, maybe 20-30, and me and this lady were the only one's sitting on the bottom row, b/c most people brought their own seats or were standing. She had what looked like a 3 year old boy, and then I would say about a 7 to 8 month old baby in a carrier. So, I'm minding my own business playing with DD, and this lady gets up, takes her older child and leaves, and LEFT THE BABY next to the bleachers. I was in shock! I sat there, and being nice, I just kept an eye on the baby from a distance to make sure he was ok. He was just laying there sucking on his bottle. She comes back 10 mins later, and I get up to go talk to the coach's wife, b/c we're good friends. Well, I'm standing over by the dugout, and I look over and this lady is gone again, nowhere to be seen, and the baby is sitting there bawling his eyes out. By this time I tell the coach's wife and we're looking around for his mom, and she's sitting in her car talking on her phone(she is a good 4 cars back and 5 over, so its not like its right there next to the bleachers). I walk up to her window and say, "Ma'am, your son is crying all by himself." and she says back to me, "Yeah, this phone call is important, he's okay, there's people around him if anything bad happens. Plus, my husband is on the field helping coach if anything really bad happens. It's not really your business."

    I was SHOCKED. Really? I would NEVER leave my daughter just sitting there. I don't care if my husband was on the field. If someone tried to take my child, he'd have to run off the field, around the fence, through the dugout, and geez, hell no! I am in awe. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I don't think so.
    Gini (22), DH (29), Eleora Marylin 07/23/09
    kfitz responded:
    WOW! I don't know what else to say? I don't even want to leave DD inside the house when I have to load her stuff up in the car. The other day I had to grab my cellphone from outside and about had a heart attack leaving her alone for 30 seconds. Or even when I have to unload groceries I will put her in the house in her carseat right by the door so she can see me come in and out. Some people are so naive and other I think just don't care. She seems like one that just doesn't care.
    Me(31) DH(31) DD 8/2009 EDD 9/2010 Its a girl!
    bgabert responded:
    Wow. I am nearly speechless.

    Umm.. that baby could have been so easily taken! And you know what?! The baby-snatcher probably would have kept a better eye on the poor guy. How horrible the little baby must feel, he's upset, crying out for his mother and he can't see her, can't hear her.. oh no, she's half a damn block away talking on her phone!!

    Some people really don't understand the little miracles they have, and they sure don't appreciate them. I hope his father pays more attention to him than his mother.. poor guy. This breaks my heart!
    - Bri (24), Jarrod (28), Emery (June 15, 2009)
    scperdomo responded:
    Wow... just, wow. If I were her husband I would have smacked her for being so stupid.
    Joyce0922 responded:
    I'm just stunned. I wonder if her husband even knew she was gone and left the baby. I know how busy a coach can be so if he's on the field I'm sure he had no clue that his baby boy was left there alone. This is why some people should not be allowed to have kids.
    Me (31), DH (28), DD (6/26/09)
    paytonsmommy09 responded:
    Oh mylanta!!!!!! Some people are so stupid! If I leave something in the house and Payton is in the car; I either take her with me or leave it in the house. I couldn't imagine just walking away from her stroller and going to my car. Even in a dire emergency she would be with me or with her daddy. Good Lord, that lady is a real moron!
    heather7257 responded:
    Wow, that is infuriating. She tells you that there are enough people around to do something if it is really bad, yet at the same time she tells you it is not your business. So logical. Someone should have called CPS, I would think that classifies as neglect.

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