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    Change in appetite
    Godspackage posted:
    My daughter is currently 7 months. She eats 3rd foods, applesauce, mums, Gerber snacks, and rarely, some table foods. My concern is that she doesent really want to drink her formula. She mostly does in the morning and thats just about it....during the day she may take a few sips and then she just plays with it. She will NOT drink juice or water either. I thought about maybe trying regular milk but I think she is way too young. I fear that she may get dehydrated but her bms are just fine. I havent discussed this with her pedi yet but just wondered if anyone has experienced this at all.
    elegi23 responded:
    My DD get BM when I am home from work. She is 11 months ( wow that makes me sad to say that lol!) anyway, during the day, I didn't really want to start her on formula when my BM supply dropped, so we give her soymilk and almond milk. We get her the extra vitamins and make sure it's the original and not flavored and she really loves that. Has she had any weight loss? DD doesn't really eat a lot of solids. She gets one 2nd food a day, and usually part of whatever DH or I are eating.
    Gini (22), DH (29), Eleora Marylin 07/23/09
    Godspackage replied to elegi23's response:
    Ive only breast fed for a short amnt of time....So shes mainly had formula. I just dont want her to miss out on all of the vitamins and nutrients it has to offer. She has not loss any weight (shes a big eater) and as I said, she is regular. I also know that there is water content in the baby food. Just going from formula every 3 hrs to approx one a day seems concerning.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the vitamin drops. :)
    heather7257 replied to Godspackage's response:
    I would advise checking with your pedi before you give any supplemental vitamins. I know it is possible for a baby to get too much vitamins and have problems. They should also have ideas about how much formula she needs. Have you tried giving her formula before the solids so she is hungry still? Also, my DD will go through phases where she isn't as interested in nursing and I always worry that she isn't getting enough but then she will go back to her norm. Has this been going on for a long time?
    Godspackage replied to heather7257's response:
    Thanks. So this weekend Audrina was drinking more formula. Im taking it that she just a meat and taters baby. (LOL not literally) As long as she is still drinking, Im satisfied.
    elegi23 replied to Godspackage's response:
    Its possible that maybe she wasn't feeling good. DD stopped drinking a lot when she had an ear infection (from flying), just b/c it hurt. Just an idea if the issue persists.
    Gini (22), DH (29), Eleora Marylin 07/23/09

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