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    offically weaning
    pridgeon posted:
    River will be 10months old July 1st. I have been giving her 1 bottle of formula a day for about 3 weeks now. I decided to wean when my fieonce told me that "I don't have you, River has you". It makes me sad but he's right. River follows me around but will walk right past him. I go to bed nursing her leaving not time for romance.

    I was leaning towards weaning on my own opinion (before he told me that) for convience. She wouldn't take a bottle from me before and I don't nurse it public so it was hard to go places especially since she still nurses every 2 1/2 hrs.

    She knows where food comes from and will try to lift up my shirt which could lead to embarrasment especially at the river.

    She's very distractable. She will eat sitting up and looking around which is very weird to me and to my fieonce.

    All in all I guess time just came which definatly makes me sad but I am also ready.

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    jeniece125 responded:
    My daughter will be 11 months on the 6th. a few weeks ago, I received a sample of Enfa-grow formula so I gave my baby 2 oz in her cup, to see if she'd like it, and she LOVED it!! so when she would come up to me and sniff me (what she does when she wants milk) ha ha I would give her a cup of that formula and she drinks it so good. I'm glad the transition has been so easy. I still pump in the am so I can use BM for her cereal, but that is it. :) I feel free ha ha ha :)
    pridgeon replied to jeniece125's response:
    So you just stopped cold turkey? Doesn't it hurt? I did one bottle a day for several weeks and Monday I started doing 2 bottles a day. I don't think I will stick to my original plan. I may do a month longer.
    elegi23 replied to pridgeon's response:
    I still haven't weaned. I will let my DD self wean. DH and I do not really have a sex life at all, and it sucks sometimes. I'm disappointed yes, but DH is caring and understanding enough that this is best for her. DD will be a year old on 7-23. She mainly nurses at night when I get home from work, and we stopped giving her pumped milk while I was at work and started giving her almond milk. She LOVE's almond milk and I don't have to give her formula. I am thankful everyday she has never had a drop of formula in her life. I still pump during the day to make sure my supply doesn't disappear entirely just by feeding her at night. I am considering stopping pumping during the day, but I don't want my milk to dry out at night b/c I'm not ready to drop the nursing b/c its the most amazing this ever.
    Gini (22), DH (29), Eleora Marylin 07/23/09
    jeniece125 replied to pridgeon's response:
    I didn't technically stop cold turkey, I pumped when I felt my breasts getting hard so I wouldn't have pain :) I now pump like once every 2 days just because my breasts are now taking longer to engorge. What ever I pump, I use for the baby's cereal :)
    pridgeon replied to jeniece125's response:
    Very smart.
    Tiffany (25),Bj (31), Tyler (7), Rvier (9-1-10)
    jwick407 replied to pridgeon's response:
    i'm just starting to wean from the bottle this week - DD is 10mo yesterday... she doesn't seem to like milk from the sippy yet and she still isn't very good at drinking out of a regular cup... i'll just keep at it and hopefully it will grow on her!

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