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    Doesnt Respond to No
    lkevans posted:
    We are having trouble correcting my daughter when she is getting into something she isnt suppossed to. I say no dont do that, thats naughty. I move her away from the thing. I try to distract her. Still she will either just look at me, or shake her head no at me, and crawl right back to whatever she was doing. Anyone have any better ideas she is 10mos. I think we are in for it shes ornery(sp?). LOL
    kfitz responded:
    We are having the same problem with DD. The solutions are to ignore the behavior in case she is doing it to get attention, sternly tell her no, distract her, or try to punish her with a time out or by you leaving the room. We have tried all with DD and the one that seems to work best is to put her over in the corner where she can't see us. Sometimes she'll cry then crawl back over, but she gets the point that if she continues behavior she will be removed from the situation. Good luck finding which one will work best for your little one.
    Me(31) DH(31) DD(10 mos) EDD 8/30/2010 Its a girl!
    jwick407 replied to kfitz's response:
    omg, we are having the same problem - except that my LO thinks it's funny when I tell her NO, even though I'm very stern and look mad.... it's so frustrating! we have tried removing her from the area, distracting her, etc but nothing is working....the main issue we are having is with her hanging all over the wood stove - it's not like we can remove the stove so I am just correcting her what feels like a hundred times a day.... we can't really afford a gate for it but I guess we'll probably have to find the $ someplace - she just turned 10mo this past weekend....I think she just doesn't get it to be honest...
    elegi23 responded:
    My DD does it too. I think she's just being curious and testing her boundaries. She usually responds when we say, "awwwww." She'll start crying and crawl away, but not 10 mins later, she's right back doing what she was doing before. We try our hardest to baby proof, but DH isn't the greatest. He decided to put the PS3 on the bottom shelf of the entertainment stand and DD thought it was funny to eject the cd's out and scrape them across the floor. Lmao! I shouldn't laugh, but some of the stuff she does is hilarious.
    Gini (22), DH (29), Eleora Marylin 07/23/09
    lkevans replied to elegi23's response:
    Well I guess there is not much to do for now but be persistant. My DD will go to our stereo receiver and turn the volume up full blast and then she will get scared and start crying. It is very entertaining. The other day she got into my plants and I found her with dirt all over her hands, face, eating it and on her toes. And that was walking away for a moment. The other day I walked in to the room where her and DH were and I heard him go Ouch your pulling the hair and skin off my toe demon and she just starts laughing. CUTE
    Bailey98029 responded:
    no is a pretty abstract concept. a 10 month old isn't going to retain that information for very long. the thing is consistency because at some point she will get the message and connect the word "no" with the action of you moving her away from something. we have always used "that's ouchy" for DS for things that we want him to stay away from. he has NEVER gone near the stove/oven because from day 1 we always told him it was a big ouchy (he's 3 1/2 now).

    until she's old enough to grasp the concept that certain things are not for her, i would just make her main play area baby proof so she can get into anything she can reach. that keeps her out of off limits stuff and reduces your frustration.
    Bailey98029 replied to Bailey98029's response:
    i also wanted to add that the reason we use "that's ouchy" is because kids (especially toddlers) get completely saturated with the word "no" and eventually become desensitized to it at some point. i swear there are days that the only things coming out of my mouth for ds are "don't do that" "no, tyler", etc. for babies if you can be more descriptive of why you don't want them touching something (like "it's a big ouchy") then the "NO" can be used for emergencies to get their attention better (like they are running toward a street or about to pull something heavy on top of themself). just a suggestion that i learned at parent/baby when ds was a baby and seems to work and be good advice. we'll see how it works on DD!

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