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    Flat spot
    crunk05177 posted:
    My 9 month old has a very flat spot on the top/back of his head. I asked my pediatrician about it and he said not to worry. I guess I am more worried for cosmetic reasons but I think I want to have a second opinion about getting it corrected. I know we only have until 12 months to do this so we are running out of time. Do you think we see another pediatrician or a specialist of some sort? Has anyone else every gone through this?
    saywhat789 responded:
    Yes, you do need to get a second opinion. Most likely from a physical therapist. My DD had a small flat spot on one side as well because she had torticollis and plagiocephaly. That basically means that the muscles are tighter in one side of the neck and that the baby prefers to lay on that side. If you look back at pictures do you see if your babies head is always tilted to one side or the other? Is one cheek chubbier than the other? If so, he has torticollis and usually it requires some mild physical therapy to fix. Best of luck!
    ntla10 replied to saywhat789's response:
    I agree with saywhat789.. My son has torticollis and if he wasent diagnosed with it at 3 months old he would of formed the flat spot on his head. You def need to get a second opinion. I know with my son we started pt at 3 months and he went 3 times a week and he is now 10 months and down to 1 day a week. It will help reform your baby's head. Good luck!! and dont worry pt is the best thing for your baby if he/she does have torticollis. Good luck!
    crunk05177 replied to ntla10's response:
    Thank you for you responses. I don't think he has that thought. He is now 9 months and everything is ok...he definitely moves the way he should be. The flat spot is on the top/back of his head. I mean you can't see it with his hair but if he ever shaved his head when he got older, I think it would look funny! If you run your fingers over it, you could definitely feel the flatness. So I don't think a physical therapist would be the one to speak to. I don't know what to do!
    Hartsook replied to crunk05177's response:
    My daughter had a flat spot and I brought it up to her dr, he suggested us to go to childerns hospital and speak about getting a helmet for her. I did that and you can not see anything wrong with her head at all....
    crunk05177 replied to Hartsook's response:
    Someone recommended seeing a nuerologist. We have an appointment September 7th and 8th (I made two appointments with two different doctors, not sure which I am going to keep yet) so we will see what they say. I am completely ok with a helmet, a friend of mine had one for her daughter but her case was extreme.
    Eddiemillan1 replied to crunk05177's response:
    How did things go with the neurologist?

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