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    I have a SCREAMER =O
    zabroza86 posted:
    My LO has become quite the screamer o_O Apparently he has been screaming at daycare but never really at home. HOWEVER, lately he has been screaming a lot more at home and little at daycare. He screams when I have him in his high chair and I'm in the kitchen, when I'm about to feed him baby food (which he doesn't like anymore), and when we put him in his car seat.

    I was thinking it had something to do with his 5th tooth coming in but nope.

    Any of y'alls LO going through this?
    sdadkin responded:
    My LO will be 1 on the 3rd and he is also a screamer, but it's not something he hasn't recently started doing. He has always been a screamer. I can already tell he is going to have a temper! I thought he was just screaming because that was his only way of communicating but I am not so sure now. He screams when his brother takes a toy away from him or if his brother just comes close to him after taking a toy from him. Lol. And he screams at the dinner table if he is ready for more food. When he does that I try to say "More. Do you want more?" and then give him more. He isn't really talking much. He just recently started saying Mama and Dada more frequently. Hopefully once we get him talking more and being able to communicate he will stop the screaming!
    jminer333 responded:
    My LO is 11 months and he screams when I leave the room or if I walk away from him when he's in his high chair. He also screams if he has to wait "too long" for another bite of food. I think it's just a phase. He has always been a little cranky in regards to me leaving the room and all that, so it's not all that unusual for me. It could just be his way of communicating. My LO screams when he wants to come up on the couch too. You can always ask your dr.
    wmatto83 responded:
    Too funny! zabroza86 I am going thru the exact same thing right down to the "T" as you! my little guy cranks more than scream. And he just started this in the past week or so. He is very mobile now so i was thinking he gets pissed when he is in his high chair cause he can't move around and he likes to be on the go. I am hoping this is all just a phase. And yes my little guy is liking his food like he use to. I heard that they get tired of eating baby food and they ween themselves off sometimes.
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