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    Sleep Issues
    An_247051 posted:
    I have an 11 month old, my third, that is having serious sleep issues that I've never encountered before (either with my older two or in my many nephews and nieces). Pediatrician has not been helpful, just "she'll grow out of it" sort of stuff. She gets MAYBE 11 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period: about 9 broken up hours at night, a short morning nap, and a broken up afternoon nap. I do NOT want to give my child Benadryl or whatever or a regular basis, but that is also what has been recommended. She usually falls asleep ok, but wakes about 40 minutes into sleep and truly cannot seem to settle again. I think she WANTS to go back to sleep, but simply can't. We have a very regular eating/sleeping schedule for her. She has been like this since she was a newborn, which you expect then, but not at almost a year old. I'd love to hear other parents tips for a situation like this.
    jdkoch responded:
    We are having a similar problem here! My almost 11 month old, who has had periods of decent sleep, is having a bad period again. This has been going on since he was around 9 months. We have night wakings that last an hour or two, plus his regular waking to nurse at 5:30a. He's waking up about an hour earlier than usual for the day. He's sleeping for about 30-40minutes for naps and will only take two naps. Maybe twice a week he will sleep for over an hour at a nap. He did 40 minute naps (almost all the time, with a day here and there where he would crash/make up and take a couple long naps and sleep in in the morning) from the time he was 6 weeks until he was about 4 months old. So frustrating. I know it's a sleep cycle and he can't transition, but I don't know what to do.

    When this happened at 5 months, it took me a few weeks to realize it was time for a schedule change. Once we went down to two naps things improved. But I do not think he is ready to drop a nap this time. He is so tired and cranky!

    I'm hoping someone with advice will chime in. Sorry I can't help other than to say, there are some who understand!
    Dalilahshair replied to jdkoch's response:
    Sorry as I can only say I undertand, too! I've read so many sleep books for my LO, who is now almost 10 months. He has always been a difficult sleeper and even now.. will sleep 10-12 hours at night.. waking every 3 hours or so and feeds twice at night. I tried crying it out as a last resort for a couple weeks and that, too didn't work for us. Our ND/pediatrician has told us that he most likely won't be sleeping through the night until he is about a year old and some babies are just like that.

    The best advice I can give is to take care of yourself. He has been impossible to sleep train and so we've just adjusted to his schedule. I nap when he naps a couple times a week and go to bed at a decent hour so I can keep up with him. Keeping my fingers crossed this only lasts a short while longer!

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