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    My 9 Month old doesnt have a BM in 2 weeks
    Anon_234552 posted:
    have a 9 month old who doesnt poop every day or every other day most of the time its only once a week but there are times where he goes 2 weeks with out pooping i have tried so much different things to help him i have called the doctors but they dont give me a straight answer.. i breast feed him and he weighs about 23lbs...if any of you know what else i can do plzzz help
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    KSHoh responded:
    Have you tried apple juice. My son had a horrible time with constipation, he is on formula. The following is what worked best for him- A little apple or pear juice daily, Pears every day for breakfast with oatmeal- never rice cereal, limit things that are binding like bannanas, make sure he gets a sippy cup with like 3-4 oz of water daily. Also when it was really bad I would lube him up daily with vasoline becasue his stools were so hard. Sense your breast feeding you may want to talk to a lactation consultant to see if there is anything you should add or eliminate from your diet. When my son was really bad we switched to a lactose free formula which helped so much- just read an article that lactose intolerence can cause constipation not just diarria, as once was believed.
    mom2laurenmckenna responded:
    I agree w pp. Definitely avoid banana and rice. Also getting him to take water should make a huge difference. Are stools soft or hard? If hard you may want to see a GI. Specialist, just to make sure.

    Document intake and output very specifically before an appointment. That way you can precisely answer questions. GL!
    ashmomoftwogirls responded:
    My daughter had the same issue when I breastfeed her. I added a tsp. of prune juice to a bottle with breast milk when she didn't have a BM for a few days. This helped a lot also when she started eating more solid food she became regular, which feels like a blessing after much worrying. Her doctor also said I could try just giving her water occasionally.
    GlutenfreePrincess responded:
    I had the same problem with my daughter(she was a preemie).I went to many different doctors and did MANY different things including prune juice which worked for a bit but gave her bad gas.She wouldnt go without a supository or the juice but that stopped working and it gave her too bad of gas what finally worked and I still do and I extremley rarely have to give her suppositories was giving her infant tummy massages.I googled and watched a video and rub her tummy in circular motions and do it at least once a day but try for twice a day,if I remember right it took only a few days to work but it can take a few weeks but its been proven very effective,a massage therapist told me about it actually who used to work with infants.I do it mostly twice a day and also split up her vitamins which contain iron(which can cause constipation) so I give her half her dose of vitamins with her morning feeding and other half midday or later.I also now give her one half dose of vitamin with iron and one half dose vitamin without extra added iron becuase the formukla she eats has iron as well,but as a parent thats your call you know how much iron your baby gets and how much you want it to get I highly recomend the massage and my baby;s pediatrician was the one who told me split up the vitamin doses, cuz so much iron at once can delay bowel and cause constipation.Hope this helps!
    GlutenfreePrincess replied to GlutenfreePrincess's response:
    also some babies dont need to go to the bathroom daily and it can be completly normal but thats something you should talk to your doctor about.Im in the health field and I wouldnt advise giving a baby juice some doctors do advise but I personally wouldnt,more recent studies have found its actually not neccessary or good for that matter to give a child really even under the age of 1 juice period,the sugar from juice is much different than giving fruit and even that isnt need until closer or 1 and older if you so choose depending on babies size but juice is not neccessary and has been shown children given juice,especially more than a very small watered down amount daily have a higher sweet tooth and crave more sugar when they grow older.Hope this was some helpful advice

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    My 9 Month old doesnt have a BM in 2 weeks
    have a 9 month old who doesnt poop every day or every other day most of the time its only once a week but there are times where he goes 2 ... More
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