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    Kids falling from bed or stuff
    An_257475 posted:
    My boy fell down from bed one day.He was not able to stretch his leg from knee..We were so tensed and ran right away to doctor.Doc examined him and just gave him paracetomol. Even after four to five days it was the same condition.He used to cry out of pain. Doc gave us ibuprofen for d kid. He advised us not to go for orthopedic since there isnt any swelling and stuff. Its harmful for babies if orthopedic suggests for x-ray.Inspite of that we took him and got the xray done only to find no fault.

    I want to give a tip to mothers out there.
    Whenever your baby falls down...observe the following:
    1. Check for noticeable swelling.
    2.Check if your baby vomits.
    3.Check if he/she falls unconscious.

    If you dont find any..please dont worry...its not a fracture or any emergency.Taking them to the peadiatric will do..

    Donot worry..Give them some time..

    Thank you...
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    brittanylarge responded:
    Well I had a different experience. While we was fishing 2 years ago my then 3 yo jumped off the tailgate of the truck (which she had done several times before), and started screaming so we rushed her a 1/2 mile back home to see what her grandma thought, she had calmed down, (no swelling, no puking, and didn't go unconscious). After about 20 mins she decided to get up and walk, but she didn't take one step before she fell to the ground screaming in pain, again. This is when I knew something wasn't right, so we rushed her to the nearest ER. When he x-rayed her leg, he explained it as he went over them, he couldn't believe where she had fractured it, it was above the ankle, the tech, doctor, or nurses hadn't seen a fracture there but had heard that it was very hard to break it there and took 8-10 weeks to heal. Luckily she was only in a cast for 6 weeks but she still complained of pain 2 weeks later, so we took her to the quick care to have it x-rayed for the 2nd time and they told us she still had a hairline fracture. They sent her to a pediatric orthopedic doctor, he couldn't get the films to come up so she was x-rayed for the 3rd time, and come to find out, there wasnt any more fractures, and it was gonna hurt for a few more weeks. She shows no signs of it now, she runs, jumps, and kicks like it never even happen.
    But, point of the story was, she had a fracture and didn't show any of those signs, pain was the only one she showed.

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