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    Dad takes baths with 6 1/2-year-old
    izzys_mom posted:
    I know a guy who still takes baths... not showers, baths.... with his 6 1/2 year old son. Am I wrong to think that is just a BIT disgusting? Like... isn't there an age limit to when you stop getting full-on naked and putting your kid between your legs? To me, this is worse than breast-feeding your 6 1/2 year old. I mean... you are BOTH completely naked and the only way you are both going to fit into a small bathtub is for the adult to sit in the back and have your (also naked) child sit... there. I dunno. I wanna hear what others think because I have been baffled by this. I don't even shower or bathe with my 21 month old daughter, I never have. Maybe it's because I was raised with the whole "your naked body is the most disgusting thing ever and you need to be ashamed of it" thing or what, but... 6 1/2 years old? He's in school now. I think he's old enough to handle the bathtub by himself.
    normarae5 responded:
    I wouldn't go as far as saying its disgusting but its strange to me. I do not even let my 7 year old see me naked any more. He has started to get curious about private parts. I think that a 6 1/2 year old is more than capable of taking a shower or bath own his own but he is not my child so I guess this can differ from child to child.
    FCL responded:
    I don't think it's disgusting in the least but I do think that he's not doing the child a favour by not letting him learn to get washed alone.
    fotogirl525 responded:
    Yes it is disgusting. It is not normal. I even put a stop to my husband allowing his 4 year old to just walk in the bathromm while he is in there. To me that was out of line so a bath together is waaaaayyy out of line. He definitely needs to be bathing alone and I wonder why dad allows this??? Why would he want this to occur? Just not right.
    An_222162 replied to fotogirl525's response:
    Maybe your husband is comfortable with his body... There is nothing disgusting about the human body, male or female. Why are you so intent on transferring your hangups to this poor child?
    fotogirl525 replied to An_222162's response:
    I never said the human body was disgusting. However an adult should not be nude around a child plain and simple. My son around age 3 began noticing body parts and from that point on we began more privacy in the house. I do not want my child to think it is ok to be around an adult who is nude. And in the original post, bathing with the son? Ummm the dad's genitals were obviously touching the child if the child was sitting between dad's legs. That is completely inappropriate!!
    Nukemom1 responded:
    I think dad and son are just comfortable with their bodies. That is not a bad thing. All my girls have seen me naked. My husband on the other hand has been more discrete with his body. He has admitted that if we had boys I would be the one not be seen naked and he wouldn't mind if they saw him naked. No sense in making kids think their body are bad things. I think teaching my children that its ok to be naked in the house. We teach them when it is proper to be naked.
    stephs_3_kidz responded:
    My girls are 6yo and 4yo. My youngest son is almost 20 months. They all occasionally take baths with me. So what? Big deal.

    When the girls and I take a bath, we get all girly with bubble baths and face masks. They love it. It's not every time they take a bath--they are MORE than capable of washing their bodies/hair. I have a HUGE tub so nobody is "touching" anybody else's parts. Whatever.

    My youngest son takes a bath with me a LOT, or with his daddy. I have no desire to lean over a tub that deep to try to wash him off, and obviously he can't supervise himself!!

    I don't think that taking a bath with your kid is disgusting, nasty, or inappropriate. If the boy was 6 or 7 and taking a bath with Mommy, that'd be inappropriate.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
    I grew up in a household where it was very common for us as girls to either bathe with our mother or sit on the closed toilet and talk to her while she took a bath. The nudity never troubled me and in fact I never really thought about it. I grew up comfortable in my skin and with nudity.

    Since we have a blended family and children of both genders - we don't do that in this house. (which is good because I certainly have been known to shower to get a few minutes on my own)

    However, until my son was 6 or so, he saw me naked or partially naked on a regular basis. It was easier and safer to bathe the kids -especially as infants if I sat in the tub with them. Since he wasn't that much older there wasn't some point where we said "oops-nope-no more seeing mom naked." until after his father and I divorced and I became involved with someone with much older children.
    andprice responded:
    I don't think it's appropriate for a man to be taking baths with a kid that old...not about the body being disgusting, it's about teaching modesty and respect for your body. (men have different "rules" about modesty than girls do, but DH would NEVER EVER bathe with our sons like that.) Sure, our society has become "oversexualized" or whatever...and it could be completely innocent...but there are PLENTY of other things a dad could be doing to bond with his son. It sounds suspicious to me.

    However, it's really none of your business. If it's not your son, keep your nose out of other people's business. That's my opinon.
    normarae5 replied to andprice's response:
    That was a little harsh the end part " However, it's really none of your business. If it's not your son, keep your nose out of other people's business. That's my opinon. "

    I thought that she just wanted to know how other people thought about it as well. Because she though it was a Bit Disgusting.
    An_222163 responded:
    I would really like to know how you know this information.

    I think the other poster was absolutely right. It is none of your business. Who cares if others thinks it's disgusting or not.

    And how do you know they have a small bathtub?

    And how do you know how they "sit" in the bathtub? Did you witness all this?

    Unless you saw it with your own eyes you may be jumping to conclusions.

    I think people who pick their noses while in traffic are disgusting but if they want to do that then more power to them. It's none of my business.
    An_222164 responded:
    I do not find it disgusting. I really doubt the son was close enough to touch his dads genitalia, a lot of bathtubs can fit two people. A few commented on the child being old enough to question "private parts" well I cant think of anyone better than the parent to answer those questions and letting their child know when he/she grows up they will look the same. I think children should not be ashamed of nudity and be taught when/who it is appropriate to be naked around.
    alpastor4528 replied to An_222164's response:
    Think about it. Some people are so ignorant its crazy. The same attitude was found at the witch trials. Stupidity. If you go to a school like junior high you shower with a whole group of people. Its OK. People seeing dads body, moms body or any body is not wrong if you are a caring parent. So, one lady said we shouldn't see our parents body once they are elementary age. But how about the public school showers? Have you ever coinsidered that. There's nothing wrong with be naked in appropriate places. The locker room is one of those places. Its not weird or gay for a same gender child taking showers with his same gender son. Opposite genders I would say no.

    Even in the bible grown men were circumsized together in a row. The body is not evil and as long as you're normal with nudity the bathroom is an appropriate place to be taken your clothes off. So many parents already do this. But most are scared to admit it.
    alpastor4528 replied to fotogirl525's response:
    Its normal for dad and son to see each other naked. They have the same parts. This will also help in bonding with your child. Look at the public school. People take showers together sometimes in an open room. The body is good not evil. Most psychologists would tell you it is aappropriate to take a bath or shower with the same gender child. Look at other countries. Are they just evil?

    A child who takes a shower with his child is no different than bathing at the YMCA in front of everybody of different ages. Christian Psychologists would say this helps the child learn who he is and builds relationships with father and son. There is NO fear in them becoming gay because he sees his father naked.

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