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    March Roll Call
    Louise_WebMD_Staff posted:
    New month, new community, some new faces lurking out there I am sure.

    Introduce yourself. Share about your family.

    How many kids?

    How old?

    If they are in school with traditional grade levels-what grade are they in?

    Homeschool, Private school or Public school?

    Since it is March-why are you lucky to have them? How is your child(are your children) like a lamb? How about how is your child like a lion?
    katieb426 responded:
    I'm trying to be a good sport about all these changes, so I'll answer...

    I am Katie- a SAHM.

    4 kids

    Ella-6, Owen-5, Connor-3, Lilly 18months

    Ella is in 1st grade and Owen is in preschool

    Ella attends a K-12 charter school. Owen attends a private preschool.

    I'm so lucky to have my kids because I believe they truly are a gift from God and I feel privileged to be entrusted to raise each one of them!

    Ella is like a lamb in that she's loving and compassionate of others. She's like a lion in that she is very outgoing almost in an aggressive way.

    Owen is like a lamb in that he's incredibly loving too. He is like a lion in that he has a quick temper at times.
    Benenati responded:
    I am Lori and I am a SAHM with two boys. I am also pregnant with our 3rd boy due August 6.

    Chase is 10 years old in the 4th grade.

    Cayden is 4 years old in preschool.

    Both are in public schools.

    I think of myself as one of the luckiest people in the world because of my children. They keep me young, stress me out and make me grow as a parent all in positive ways!
    simerlm responded:
    Hi! I'm Misty. I'm new to the elementary age board here on webmd. I thought with all the changes that maybe it would be a good time to join this group.

    I have 3 kids. Alex is 8, almost 9. Emma is 6, almost 7. Alyssa is 18 months.

    I am a homeschooler, but they are in the grades they would be in if they were public schooled. Alex is in the third grade and Emma is in the first grade.

    I am extremely lucky to have all of them. They have been a blessing from God from the moment that they were born. I have grown as a person by becoming a mother.

    Alex is like a lamb in that he is very shy and quiet. He is like a lion when he is playing sports. He is very competitive.

    Emma is like a lamb in that she is very gentle and sweet. She is like a lion in that if she is upset, you will sure hear her roar! LOL
    normarae5 responded:
    Hi, Im Norma a working mother

    1 Son

    7 Years old

    1st Grade

    Public School ( Have to brag the best in the district) lol

    I am lucky to have him because of the Love between him and I. His smile just brightens up my day sometimes. Like a Lamb because He's quiet but has a ton of personality. Like a Lion because He is a leader in all he does. I love this about him.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to katieb426's response:
    Welcome Katie!

    It sounds like you have a house full right now! I remember when mine were that tiny-it was hectic but some of my favorite days of parenting!
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to Benenati's response:
    Welcome Lori! How fantastic to have three sons! Each in a different age range too. Are you planning on another C name for this son?
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to simerlm's response:
    Welcome Misty! How nice to have a homeschooler on board. I am reading Mary Ostyn's book "Sane Woman's Guide to Raising a Large Family" and wishing for a do-over since my large family is mostly grown. She homeschools her 10 children. We homeschooled two of our children at different points in their lives and it was the right choice for those two.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to normarae5's response:
    Welcome Norma.

    First grade is such a fun age. What is his favorite thing about his school?
    normarae5 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    He is in a Gifted Program with his school called Arena. That is his favorite class but he likes the Library. Its quite tight he says lol lol Kids
    KC_94920 responded:
    I'm KC and have been a SAHM since my first baby was born and now have 3 kids

    DD1 is 7 and in first grade. She's lamb-like in how she cares for and interacts with her family and friends but is as competitive as a lion.

    DS turned 5 last month and is in Pre-K. He's pretty much a calm gentle lamb in every aspect of life.

    DD2 just turned 2 and is all lion all the time, except when she's sleeping.

    I'm lucky to have each of them and have grown as they have grown. We've opted to go private for their education and couldn't be happier with the small, loving and personally challenging environment our school provides.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to normarae5's response:
    What types of things do they do in his gifted program? My kids were in gifted programs across three different elementary schools and the range of what that meant has really surprised me.
    Louise_WebMD_Staff replied to KC_94920's response:
    Welcome KC!

    Your oldest sounds like my 14 yo at that age. Unfortunately, now she is 14 and there is very little lamb like about her these days except her tendency to burst into tears. She still loves her family though-her competitive streak shows big time though.
    OneAndDone responded:
    I am OneAndDone. I had one miracle baby at 45 and am happy with my one miracle. He just turned 6 and is in kindergarten now. We are lucky to have moved into a neighborhood that got reassigned to a great public school, so he's receiving an excellent education. I am lucky to have him because he was our last try before we accepted that we would have no children. I had a DVT two weeks post-partum, and so I am lucky to watch him grow up and I am lucky that he knows his mother. My child is like a lamb because he's gentle and friendly. My child is like a lion when he doesn't get his way, although he's getting better about that.
    normarae5 replied to Louise_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I agree. In this program they focus on keeping the child ahead. The class the work consists of reading on higher levels, mathematics on a higher level, etc... I look at it as a free tutoring session because he is learning more advanced school work which has kept him over acheiving in school. He was accepted to participate in a Mathematics Competition that includes different states and kids across the board. These are the things I feel like he is able to due because of that class. Overall its just a nice esteem booster for him. He is proud in all he does with his work.

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