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    My child has hot hands!
    clarks2536 posted:
    Even since my 7 year old was a toddler, she has always complained about her hands being hot. They have never been red or warm to the touch. She only finds relief when she grips something metal or cool. I am hesitant to say something to the doctor, fearing they will just dismiss me as the overbearing mother. Any suggestions?!!???!
    ryanandleigh responded:
    I would certainly mention it to the doctor. They may dismiss it but you never know, they could have a solution to the problem. I don't think they will consider you overbearing. I did a quick search online but didn't find too much helpful. This one website had a few suggestions which you could consider.
    clarks2536 replied to ryanandleigh's response:
    Thanks for the support! I will definitely look into it and talk to her doctor!
    solly01 responded:
    Did you ever figure out what was going on? My 4 year old sons has been screaming out in pain that his hands are so hot and we have to put ice on them to calm him down. I'm concerned please let me know what you found out. Thank you
    jadedstar replied to solly01's response:
    it is possible that it can be a nerve issue....I have neuropathy and the heat is extreme and they dont feel hot to touch but I feel the pain sometimes the nerves or the signals of nerves to the brain get cross wired and it is very painful I strongly suggest you see a doctor and will Pray they take it seriously it is rare for it to set in at early age but it is also rare for it to happen without other disorders so I would have it cheked out CHILDREN should NOT have to live in pain with all the medical help that is out there now

    PRAYING for the Children!!!
    curtjoseph replied to solly01's response:
    My 4 yr old son is having the same issue. Did you every find out what it is? The doctor can't seem to find anything. He cries all the time and his hands are warmer than the rest of his body
    eekaboig replied to curtjoseph's response:
    my almost 6 year old has been complaining her hands are hot as well. I took her to the doctor and she seems fine, but if it persists we will do some labs and go from there. Very unnerving. Anyone ever get any kind of diagnosis?
    mslack3 replied to eekaboig's response:
    I am currently a graduate student in my early twenties and have suffered from very similar symptoms from as early as I can remember. I was diagnosed with raynaud's syndrome. It is a phenomenon caused by constant and involuntary blood vessel spasms and the extremities (hands & feet) are most susceptible and are usually unbearably hot or cold, depending on the external temperature. In the summer my hands are always extremely hot and clammy and look very red at the finger tips and in the winter they are normally so cold that they feel numb and are equally clammy, but with white, blue, and sometimes red colored finger tips. If your child is complaining of overly hot or cold hands, if their hands are normally clammy to the touch, or if their hands shake uncontrollably such like a resting tremor, it is highly probable that they may have raynaud's syndrome. It's really not a debilitating ailment in terms of day to day life. There are treatments that doctors may recommend but I am fairly certain there is still no cure. If this is infact your case, I would be relieved considering it is not a very serious health problem. Hope this could be of some help!
    April70 replied to mslack3's response:
    mslack3, thank you for the reply above. I'm glad I came upon it. I have been worrying myself sick with my four year old daughter with her having red palms on her hands n feet that get hot. When we took her to the pediatrician all she said is that it's high circulation n we were sent home. But it happens often even more noticeable after hand washing n shower or when she uses play dough or cutting, her hands feel damp. I believe they feel as you described the redness on her fingertips scared me. I will be taking her for second opinion next week. May I ask how you deal with yours? thank you
    eekaboig replied to April70's response:
    Hi Everyone
    I just wanted to follow up. it turns our it was strep! She had her throat tested and cultured, both were negative, but the blood titers came back high and positive. It seems it was a form of PANDAS. She didn't have the OCD symptoms, but odd symptoms none the less. So if you are concerned, get them a blood test for strep.
    hotfoot responded:
    Keep a food diary and see if she has food allergies. Rotate her food, so she doesn't have the same foods each day, which means investigating food "families". Cut back on carbs and particularly sugary foods.
    Moonrae replied to eekaboig's response:
    My 3 year old had very hot hands but no temperature. He had strep that gave him scarlet fever. His hands broke out in a sand paper like rash that eventually peeled and went away. However his hands look normal now but always feel like they're on fire. I would have anyone tested for strep if their hands are hot.

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