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    Anxious 9.5 year old?
    ivolley posted:
    We live in TN, and have had an unusual outbreak of tornadic activity and bad thunderstorms this year.

    My son was at his father's house and was recently in what we believe was a tornado. This has spawned a constant fear of bad weather. This includes dark clouds, winds, mild thunderstorms, etc., and obviously, tornadoes, etc. He has a fear that does not leave him. He's constantly checking the weather - checking the weather outlook. Even forecasts for 'strong storms' scare him. During a storm, he prays and prays, but the obsession is driving my family and I nuts. A forecast 3 days out will keep him reeling until that day comes and that chance of storm passes. He seems to suffer physically as well. The day after the storm, he complained of stomach pain, headache, was crying off and on, uncontrollably, and will cry (and almost hyperventilate) during storms.

    He's always been a sensitive child (something that's different for me - I'm very Type A, high strung, etc.) and once he's over a fear of something, he's over it, but I'm not sure that this is something that's just going to blow over. I'm hoping there will be other parents or professionals that can offer some advice.
    momuv4girls responded:

    I totally understand, and have 2-children that do this. Poor guy, this is stressful for him.

    Your son needs to learn coping skills - how to deal with these extreme worries.

    I would highly suggest a really good Child Psychologist to work with him. Teach him how to talk about his fears and what to do with them. You need a skilled professional though, not your run-of-the-mill therapist or social worker, but one who specializes in Children and anxiety.

    It really will make all the difference!

    Take care,
    ivolley replied to momuv4girls's response:
    Thank you Kathleen! I have considered therapy - he has displayed anxiety issues. Today - there were tornado warnings and they were evacuated to safe havens at their school 3 times. Noah was so upset, he didn't eat snack, became flushed, etc.

    I think you're right, he needs professional help (not that he sounds sick, but like you said, he needs coping issues). I've tried to teach him some stepped coping mechanisms, but they don't seem to be heading off the anxiety. He immediately came home and turned on the weather and had weather pulled up on the web. It's driving me mad.

    Thank you again for your support. It honestly helps to know that others share the same issues!

    momuv4girls replied to ivolley's response:
    You're welcome Amanda !! I promise, it will really help Noah to distinguish between his fears and the reality of the situation.

    Take care, and let us know how it goes.

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