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    H_KTKN posted:

    My daughter is 8 years old. She has been coughing every single morning for years and years now. Her pediatrician says it may relate to allergy; we give medicine to her it didn't work. Recently about a month now, the cough is constantly happened during the day then we took her to ENT and they said she may have acid reflux; we gave her medicine but didn't help. I felt so sorry for her and being a mom, I felt very frustrated. Can anyone have a coughing child like I do any advice?
    momuv4girls responded:
    Just a thought......but what about your home? Does it have carpet ? Does your daughter's room have carpet ? Is it an older home ? Could there be some mold ? Do you have any pets ? Is her mattress covered in plastic ? What about her pillow ? Does she have stuffed animals in her room ?

    Maybe she's a super sensitive type who is allergic to dust ?

    This must be very frustrating and hard to figure out what is causing this cough......hummm - - keep searching for answers!

    Take care,
    H_KTKN replied to momuv4girls's response:
    don't have any pet. my house is new and very clean, the carpet is new too. Everything is clean, it is not matter of the house because she did the samething when we stayed in hotel for vaction or in my mom house for several days.
    momuv4girls replied to H_KTKN's response:
    Well, if she did it on vacation and in a different environment, then I would pursue seeing another Dr.

    Did a Dr. ever do a chest X-Ray ? This is an interesting article about chronic coughs in children.

    I hope you find some answers!
    H_KTKN replied to momuv4girls's response:
    Nope, she never had e-ray. ENT suggested that we need to do the allergy test but I felt that is very uncomfortable test for her age. Besides, if the results come back with positive then what, give her medicine which is already done but didn't really help, then what's the point here, so I didn't let her to take the test.
    phoenix31674 replied to H_KTKN's response:
    Just thinking about allergy meds - not all work for every person. Benadryl and Sudafed don't do much for my husband. Depending which allergen he's being hit with Claritin may work. He's had the best results with Allerest, but that is a very hard brand to find anymore. Though looks like Dayquil Allergy and Tavist-DA are the same medicines so I may need to see if I can track either of those down for him. Of course for all I know they don't make it anymore since it has psuedoephedrine in it. But just because one allergy med didn't help doesn't mean it's not allergies. There are several different active ingredients out there.
    nativeNYer replied to phoenix31674's response:
    Has anyone considered that your daughter might have asthma? When my son was little, it took doctors a year and a half to diagnose him. He would wake up in the middle of the night coughing till he couldn't breathe, then he would vomit. Then he would start breathing!! First they would say it was allergies and when allergy meds didn't help and he was still coughing they would say it was bronchoditis. And around we would go with antibiotics and allergy meds till he got better. Then it would happen again until finally they gave him asthma meds and he continually got better.
    csmith135 responded:
    Food Allergies
    Food Allergies
    Food Allergies

    Have the child tested, for goodness sake. Its a simple blood draw these more pricking 100 drops on a childs back or arm. Food allergies will not go away with allergy meds, only 'cure' is cutting that food out completely.

    Also, just an FYI, different over the counter allergy meds contain different allergy fighting ingredients...Clairitin may work great for Tommy, but does nothing for Mary. Zyrtec works great for Mary, but does nothing for Bobby..he needs Benedryl. Also, in order for over the counter allergy meds to work effectively on environmental/outdoor allergies, you must steadily build up a level in their system. We start my 9 y/o on a daily 5ml dose of Zyrtec a month before spring. That way when the pollen hits, he is good to go.

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