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    7 year old and repeated sexual concerns
    An_240766 posted:
    I am a single mom to a 7 year old boy and a few months ago my son as caught looking up sex on youtube. We talked about it and said that if he had questions to talk instead of search on the internet. I thought the issue was over but a few months ago. While my mother was babysitting my son and nephew He was caught showing them pornography as well as attempting to do what they were doing on the film to my 5 year old nephew. I punished him explained it was not approriate and we had a long talk about his actions and why it was not ok. He said alright but then we were all at a freinds for a bbq the adults were in the house and my son and nephew were out side and were caught with their pants down.

    I took my son home and asked what was happening he said he was trying to have sex with him. Again i explained its wrong not to do it. He said he is having ideas about it and they get louder when my nephew is around. The next night at a family bbq the kids snuck off and again he was caught trying nothing happened and I am still worried even more so. Do I not take my son in public? Is he a sexual predator? We are supposed to be moving in with my sister and her son and I feel as if i need to lock my son in his room at all times until this can be dealt with. Is this anywhere near normal? I have no experience with this type of thing. I have never had a boyfriend at the home with my son and am very careful about the things we watch.
    phoenix31674 responded:
    I would find a child psychologist who deals with childhood sexual issues. It seems odd he would randomly become interested in sex. It makes me wonder what sort of influences he is experiencing outside the home such as at school. At the very least you need to bring it up with his pediatrician.

    I think you are right to not want to move in with your sister until you can determine what the root of this behavior is. It definitely does not sound normal for a 7 year old.

    One of the first things you need to do is put a password on the computer and sit behind him if he needs to use the computer for school work. There really is no reason a 7 year old would need to be on the internet that I can think of. If you leave him with family, they need to know he is not to be allowed on the computer unless directly supervised.

    You can also try to maintain your calm and not 'go off the rails' while asking him why he is having this thoughts and if anyone else has touched him. But something tells me this will be best addressed by a professional.

    Best of luck to you.

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