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    Son repeats everything we say
    An_240790 posted:
    Our 6 yr old son repeats whatever we say. Even if we are disciplining him. He is normally very well behaved, but this is driving us all crazy! He is not a problem at school and is in fact very quiet in school. We are trying to break this "habit" but are having no luck. Anyone have similar issues?!
    momuv4girls responded:
    I have pasted a few pages for you to explore, not sure if any of these descriptions fit your son, but they are something to consider:

    Let me know what you think.

    hayleigh1 replied to momuv4girls's response:
    Hi thanks, but fortunately this doesn't fit him. He has no problems communicating, talking or reading. He does like to recite movie lines, but not all the time or as a form of communicating. He has done this before and then has stopped. I don't know if it is a habit or maybe he is looking for attention? He is in first grade and is in advanced reading and spelling group. Have never had any problems with school, socializing or had reports from teachers about developmental or social issues. I have been around several autistic/asbergers children and don't see any of the signs. Appreciate your thoughts.
    momuv4girls replied to hayleigh1's response:
    Oh, okay, just a thought, but I see from further explanation, he does sound on-track developmentally then.

    Maybe its just a "quirky" thing he does. Kids can do the darnedest things sometimes, then as they mature it will slowly fade away and in a year he may not do it any more.

    Sorry - not much help. Have a good day!
    hayleigh1 replied to momuv4girls's response:
    Thanks, Kathleen! Let's hope it doesn't last a year though!! Appreciate your thoughts. Always good to get another moms opinion? Enjoy your day.
    wilsonallyc responded:
    My 4 year old son is doing this same thing. I have looked into autism, echolalia and more but none of these things fit him. He reads, communicates well, has a huge vocabulary but just repeats everything he hears. Also, even when in trouble he repeats us. We hear him whispering all the time, things he hears us say, others, tv. It is constant! I also notice he likes to put things in his mouth alot and wants to touch everything to feel it. I think it may be obsessive compulsive disorder but I am not sure. Does you son have any of these symptoms? Have you figured out why your son is doing this yet? I am curious to find out if it is something wrong with my son or just something he does.
    momuv4girls replied to wilsonallyc's response:
    Touching a lot of things, putting things in his mouth, repeating.....I think this info is worth seriously discussing with your son's pedi.

    No two children "present" exactly the same for ASD (autism spectrum disorders) - there are mild forms, severe forms, and a thousands of kids fit somewhere in the middle.

    Your son may be fine, but I think I'd talk to a few professionals, discuss your concerns and see what they say about your son's development and behaviors.

    Take care!!

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