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    The homework fight
    peachyisthelife posted:
    What do you do when your child fights homework like the dickens? Jared is a smart kid, and does most homework without a fight at all, but writing stories just brings out the worst in him! He doesn't cry too often, but boy having to write a story can bring a lot of tears. He gets frustrated, says he just doesn't want to do it, it's boring. I've tried being right there for help the whole time he writes it, tried giving him ideas, tried making it sound exciting, etc, nothing helps.

    He had to write a story over the weekend last weekend ABOUT his weekend and Jared had an idea that worked really well. He said he would go write a sentence after he did something he wanted to write about. Like he came home from his soccer game and wrote a sentence or two about that. Later in the day he wrote about how he played with his cousins. Etc. Gradually writing it over a long period of time worked great, but can't really do that on weekdays when he doens't have tons of time to do it anyways.

    Any tips? Oh and he's in kindergarten.
    baby1at35 responded:
    I usually offer a fun activity after homework is done. It seems to help to work towards something "fun". When it is a big project I let them have outdoor/physical activity before hand that way they tend to concentrate better.
    I also break it down into small segments so they don't feel overwhelmed.
    It is tough when they are so burned out from school to get them to do anything at home..
    mrswhitecastle responded:
    I hate that they even have homework in kindergarten!

    My philosophy for homework this early is to just get them in the routine of homework and to keep it fun (or at least not miserable). If that means I provide a lot of help, I'm fine with that. I don't do it for her, of course, but there have been times that I help probably more than the teacher would like.

    How long do the stories have to be? I would do about 3 sentences and be done. Emily loves writing stories, so I don't have that problem, though.

    We do homework after dinner, so she's had time to relax and play for awhile. Plus, she wants to go play with DH, so it's incentive to get it done quickly.
    Emily (6) Elizabeth (5)
    kc_94920 responded:
    I'm sorry, what a rough start in the long journey of homework! I can't imagine they expect too much of a story from a kindergartener, do they? I, personally, would keep it simple and allow him to decide how much is enough. I think it's fine to do little bits at a time too--my oldest still does that and she's 9, it works well for her and as she's grown the stories have naturally devloped as she matured. I have never done too much to help her so they know exactly what she is capable of and that seems to have helped because her school has never piled on more than she can easily tackle.

    My DS is a first grader and does the bulk of his writing at school. as they are not given language arts homework until second grade. For now, it's just a 4-8 minute math homewrok sheet each evening. I let him decide when to do it so we have less of a power sturggle. Sometimes he does it after school, sometimes after dinner and sometimes before breakfast. Again, it's only a few minutes so it works for the time being.

    If he struggles for ideas maybe you could try one of those story starter sets with picture and words cards to arrange. I can't remember which type we have at home but will happily check it out if you're interested. My kids use them for stories, plays and just plain silliness.
    vanursh responded:
    I always told my daughter it was her responsibility, but I can't remember how young she was, I think not till 1st or 2nd grade. If she didn't finish it, cause she didn't want too, or just put it off too long, I let her go in empty handed. It didn't take too many times of the teachers disapproving looks before she caught on. By the time the next year rolled around, she was independently doing her homework. And, I have the added bonus of her understanding that she has control over the grades she gets, it's not anyone else's fault if she gets a bad grade. And, so far so good. She gets really good grades.
    iocasta responded:
    I have to preface this with Levi has almost no homework and won't until 3rd grade. Nevertheless, with the little that he does get here and there, our approach is this is your job and you need to do it. We are very firm on that. We also try to set good work examples for him so he sees that we too have work that we must do and that we don't complain about it. I think that helps.

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