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    8 year old out of control
    An_244649 posted:
    My daughter is 8 years old. Her father and I have 3 children together with her being the oldest. Her and her younger brothers all have ADHD and the youngest of the boys has autisum. Last year her father was sent to prison. Now mind you her father and I have not been together for over 6 years now. He has had a very sparatic relationship with her. My fiance and I moved to a different school district and in order to keep her in school where is was through the year she has been staying at my mother's house. Lately, when she comes back on friday's she is out of control, yells and me and my fiance, kicks,hits,bites and even punches her brother's. She will through fits im not talking little girl tantrums im talking full blown anything from yelling at me telling me i don't love her to telling me that she hates me and her father and should have never been born. She has even told me that i care about the boys more than her (which is NOT true). This will happen instantly anytime i try to correct her behavior or have her clean her room or she doesn't get her way. As soon as it happens it lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours. She calls my mother and tells her to come and get her that she doesn't want to be at our home anylonger. She is a very bright little girl which i love dearly but im at a breaking point. Her brothers are afriad of her, and there attitudes change as soon as she gets here. She sees a counslor once a week and I meet with the conuslor as well for family counsling. The dr. percribed risperidone .25 However we are uneasy about putting her on the medicine as the side affects are very scary. She already as problems making friends and one of the side affects are weight gain. I've spoken to a few parents about the med since there children are on it and there children have gain large amounts of weight. I don't know whatelse to do. I almost think she has some kind of bi-polor disorder. Any help with this would be fantastic as I am just at a breaking point. Comments welcomed. Thank you!
    Anon_21479 responded:
    Part of her behavior could be stemming from the fact that she's not with you doing the week and is taking out that stress in the only way she knows how. She may also not fully understand why she has to stay with your mother while her brothers don't. I realize she's 8 and very bright, but on an emotional level, it may feel like you don't want her around. She knows that's not the case intellectually, but emotionally, to her, it may feel like that.
    Just a thought.
    momuv4girls responded:
    Oh boy, this is a tricky / complex situation on several levels, but you know that already.

    I won't go into all my daughters history (she was put on risperdal at age 7 due to anger outbursts)..........But, I will urge you to find a smart, qualified, board certified Child Psychiatrist to evaluate your young daughter before medicating.

    A good psychiatrist will spend several visits with you, and your daughter, have you fill out a ton of paperwork (her teacher also), then meet w/you to discuss a diagnosis.

    IMHO, a counselor / psychologist is not qualified to medicate and diagnose children.

    I hope this helps, I know first-hand how difficult a child who is hurting inside can be, it breaks your heart, yet tests our limits to no end.
    Hang in there dear!!!

    An_123868 replied to Anon_21479's response:
    How is her behavior at your mother's and at school? It seems that her behavior escalates when she comes home. How was her behavior prior to staying with your mom. I have to agree that her behavior may stem from staying with your mom and her feeling left out.
    IMHO I would to every alternative possible before tryigng that med. Good Luck!

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