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    Tooth Fairy
    sarahogan posted:
    My 6 year old is going to be losing his first tooth, possibly 2 this summer. (they aren't very lose yet, but he's constantly wiggling them, so it will be sometime late summer probably) What is the going rate for the tooth fairy these days? When I was a kid, it was 50 cents for a small tooth and a dollar for a big tooth. But I've heard of some kids getting 5 or more!!! A student of mine once told me she gets $10 for the little ones and $20 for the big ones!!! My son is actually hoping he'll get a toy instead of money, but I just wanted to get a general idea of what others are doing.

    iocasta responded:
    DH unilaterally set the rate at $5. I was thinking more along the line of $1. I even picked up a bunch of gold $1 dollar coins. So far Levi has lost two teeth and based on our last dentist visit about 2 weeks ago, he has three more loose teeth. Levi won't wiggle them. They have to drop out on their own accord. At least, the last two did. You might want to post on the 4 to 5 year board to get a better response. Many of us haven't made the leap over here because it is dead and a bit depressing.
    laney0705 responded:
    For DS first tooth we gave him $5. But he's gotten $2 for each of the others that have fallen out. He did request a toy but I told him the tooth fairy only brings money.
    JonInVirginia responded:
    There's really no set rate; it depends on your values. Do you want to spoil your child, or just give a simple token that he will appreciate and look forward to? My 6-year-old gets a quarter. I believe that giving several dollars is the path to raising a child with an entitlement mentality, and we see where that's brought our country.
    kc_94920 replied to JonInVirginia's response:
    I understand we all parent differently and I get the desire to raise children without a focus on money and materialism but seriously, a QUARTER? Wow! My kids normally get a fabulous $2 bill but for their first tooth they scored a crisp $5 bill AND a small gift. I think losing teeth is a fun and exciting right of passage and that it's a great opportunity for kids to feel special.

    I mean seriously, you might get 8-10 (or even less) visits from the Tooth Fairy before they stop believing and that's hardly going to imapct their "mentality"....Yikes, I'll stop now before getting into how insulting the first sentence of your post was.
    neeru_pdx replied to JonInVirginia's response:
    I think a quarter is fine for a 6 year old. we're not there yet, but I think I may do a nice shiny gold dollar. Or maybe a special piece of jewelry (from the dollar store - but it will be special to them!). It is a token at that age, anything can be made special if you approach it that way.

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