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    5 Year Old Drama
    mamag2 posted:
    I have a 5 year old daughter who is very mature most of the time. She loves people and seems to feed off of their energy. I have been having a couple of problems with her lately: First, she has been talking baby talkā€¦ a lot. I have tried several things to get her to stop including: ignoring it, rewarding her for not doing it, listening to her only when she corrects herself, and consequences. Nothing has seemed to stop it. Any ideas? Do I just need to let it run its course?

    The second things is she gets extremely emotional at times and has big mood swings throwing herself on the floor for no reason at all. Has anyone else had experience with this? Any advice?
    cyavca05 responded:
    My daughter is 6 years old and I have notice that her friends and her do the baby talk or funny talk, seems to me that they are just playing so i wouldn't worry about that so much. Your second issue is also my issue, my daughter is overly dramatic, she starts crying just as soon as we say no to something she wants to do, eat or anything that doesn't go her way. That is at home but at school teacher says she is really good, so I think she is just trying to get her way. We send her to her room, take toys away but she still does it. Sorry i'm not helping you much but I hope someone here would give the both of us some advice.
    I would also like to know if someone here recommends spanking the kids when they get like that, sometimes it feels as there is no other choice even though I have only done it a very few times, makes me wonder if that is what she needs.
    Thanks for sharing mamag2.
    momuv4girls replied to cyavca05's response:
    My youngest daughter had emotional melt-downs since age 2, so I completely understand where you are coming from.

    Melt-downs can "look" like they come out of nowhere, but I guarantee, the child is having them for a reason - a reason you don't yet see or understand.

    Some children are just more sensitive - plain and simple.
    They can have a melt-down when their over-tired, hungry, don't get their way, are internally upset over something that happened at school or home. Lots of reasons.

    Children such as these do better with Positive Discipline techniques - and I would encourage you to seek these out. Spanking a child will not help, and I guarantee it will make it worse. I understand how frustrating it is for a parent to not stop the behavior - but a far better idea is to ignore it. Ignoring it, gives the tantrum no power. Stay calm, talk in a low voice, go about your activity and ignore her completely until she stops.

    Take care!!!
    Vwatson313 replied to cyavca05's response:

    My seven year old also does baby talk plus she makes up her own words. It stresses me out. When she plays with girls there is no baby talk, but when she plays with boys or is at home that is when we hear the baby talk. I know she is flirting with the boys, but they don't like it any more than I do. I tell her every day not to baby talk or make words up. I have even offered her incentives to change her behavior.

    She is a sensitive child and also cries at the drop of a hat. That I don't get either, except that her patience for throwing a temper tantrum will outlast my patience every time. Really I know that is why she continues to behave the way she does. How do I increase my patience to deal with her, so I don't need to give in?

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