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    7 year old nightmares / hallucinations
    Jyellybean posted:
    I am a divorced mother and my two daughters live with me. They visit their dad every other weekend. However, this Christmas they spent an entire week at their dad's house. During this visit, my 7 year old daughter called me twice, crying and saying she wanted to come home and didn't want to be at her dad's house. When they came home, they'd been home for only one day and my 7 year old fell asleep in the middle of the day and woke up with a terrified look on her face, crying and saying "I don't want to be here, I want to go home." It took several minutes for me to help her realize that she was at home already. She had gone to sleep fine and woke up with a 102 degree fever. It was a scary experience for us both. That night, the same thing happened except there was no fever. Only this time, once she realized she was safe at home with me, she kept telling me to stop talking so fast and to be quiet.

    It was as if she was overstimulated upon waking and was hearing a lot more noise than was really going on. The next couple nights I made sure to put her to bed a little earlier and didn't let her watch any tv for the last two hours or so before bed, and things were fine for a few nights. Last night she woke up again, terrified and wanting to cuddle with me. The look on her face was sheer terror. Again, she kept telling me to be quiet, even when I hadn't spoken. I asked her if she was hearing voices and she said yes. I asked what they were saying and she said she didn't know. The noises/voices she is hearing only last about 5 minutes at the most, and then everything is fine again. It seems to me that this could be a cross between a nightmare or night terror and hypnopompic hallucinations. She NEVER hears voices when she's awake. It has only happened these couple times upon waking from a nightmare. All of these occurences happened within the first 2 hours after she fell asleep.

    She's well liked among her peers, teachers, and everyone who knows her. She makes friends easily and is a good student who wins citizenship awards all the time. She's in first grade. At first I thought these were night terrors but she remembers them in the morning. She can even tell me about the scary dream. The first time, she said that she dreamed that the world was going to explode and that her dad was mad at me (me being her mother). Last night she said that she dreamed her dad turned into a scary doll. It concerns me that these terrifying dreams have both included her father. We've been divorced for 3.5 years and he's been remarried for about 9 months.

    I posted this on another site where someone suggested it could be mono, since mono is sometimes associated with Alice in Wonderland syndrome. However when I looked into that syndrome, it said it causes visual hallucinations. My daughter didn't tell me about visual hallucinations but I am going to ask her about that. Does that sound plausible? She only had the one fever (and her head and neck were sore at the time) I took her to the doctor who said it wasn't meningitis, then tested her for strep but it was negative. She hasn't been complaining of any other symptoms.

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