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    8 yr. old with period??
    Dhart855 posted:
    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I really need some help. My daughter apparently just started her period yesterday. I called the Dr., and explained everything about her and what is going on with her. She's been very moody (up and down) for a few months too. I had "the talk" with her, and she seems fine and ok with it. However, I"M NOT. The Dr. said this is normal, and that some girls start earlier. She has no other sign of puberty. I'm baffled. Please let me know if this has happened to anyone else.... I didn't get my period until I was 14! I can't ask my own mother as she passed away 8 yrs ago. Any help, comments, etc. would be appreciated. Thank you SO much!
    Wis_momof4 responded:
    Wow! DD is 9, and I just had a talk with her Dr. about this and he said that girls are getting it earlier and earlier. I have heard of some getting it at 8 though. I don't know what to tell you though, I just got my DD a bra, she's starting to devolp upstairs. Good Luck!! It's all so scary, I am definately not looking to DD getting her first period. oh, and I was 11, and I was one of the first, but that was almost 20 years ago already.
    Ruby46 responded:
    Eight is early for a period, but it does happen. Researchers have suggested that increased body fat and/or consumption of foods with hormones (like milk with hormones) may speed the start of menstruation.

    Don't be upset. Get your daughter a book about her changing body. The American Girl publishers have put one out that's pretty good. You will both get through this.
    2boysmom1981 responded:
    I started my period when I was 8. It really helped that one of my best friends actually started hers a month later. It was very early, I still didn't understand really what was going on and my mom didn't do a very good job explaining things. Pretty much gave me a pad and sent me on my way. I second the American Girl book, a store I worked for used to sell it and I've flipped through it and I think it does a good job explaining things at a girl's level. I wish it was aorund when I was 8!
    Dhart855 responded:
    Thanks everybody. I do feel a little better. I still feel so surprised. Thank God I talked to her about this a few months ago. I always wanted to be open with my kids and give it to them straight. This was my first test! I'll definetly look up that book. I feel heartbroken that she's going through this so early. She's still a little girl! Your suggestions and comments really made me feel better. Thanks so much.
    meganbritton responded:
    I started my period at 9. It was on summer vacation I wasn't showing any signs of puberty either, but it definetly came early for me. It was hard because I was the first girl of all my friends to get it. Her starting early will help her get used to it and she will be better prepared for it when school starts again next year. I hope this helps! Good luck...and let your daughter know she's not the only one!
    Johnnie38 responded:
    Oh, man, I'm sorry this is coming as a difficult rite of passage for you, mama, especially with the possible wave of grief over the loss of your mom that may also be accompany this. Sounds like your daughter is doing alright, so that is a good thing, right? Take care of yourself!
    Jynuine responded:
    I have worried about this with my own girls, as my almost 9 yr old starts to have more symptoms of puberty... I attribute a lot of this early development to the hormones in our meats, milks, and yes- even our drinking water. In Portland, Oregon especially they have been able to detect the effect of birth control pills in our water system as well as other drugs.

    Good luck with things!!!
    Negrita702 responded:
    Well, I got my period when I was 8... and you know what, beside the over-developed body parts and torturing comments from the boys, I was ok. I was the only girl with "boobies" and her "period" in fourth grade. As long as she understands this is a normal process for a woman (and that she'll have the best body in her grade!) and the consequences to her actions now that she's a young lady, she is going to be fine. Don't baby her, don't treat her as a woman. Balance it out. Help her understand what this means.
    keja29 responded:
    I'm normally a lurker but thought I'd post.

    My daughter's friend is going through the same thing. Her mother took her to the dr & they did a bone scan & an MRI w/contrast of her brain to check for a tumor on her pituitary gland. They also did a ton of blood work.

    They first went to the pediatrician then to a pediatric endocrinologist.

    Turns out the girl's body is aging faster than it should. There is treatment available but her parents have decided to not do it due to the side effects.

    6 months after her 1st period her breasts have enlarged significantly & she has pubic hair.

    I would recommend getting her in to the dr - just to be on the safe side.
    AJ3807 responded:
    It's not that uncommon as everyone believes. I was 9 years old when I started mine which mom thought was crazy too, but the Doc told her the same thing, every girl is different, But as i recall alot of the girls i went to school with were early bloomers too. So everything will work out in the end.
    bamboA responded:
    HI, My dd ,was 9 when she got hers'. It took her a little while to get use to it. She gets PMS alot. I asked the dr. about it .She said that they can start as earily as 8.Good luck with yours.
    Mez777 responded:
    Go with your gut instinct...a mother's intuition and personal knowledge of her child should compliment a Dr's analysis. You are right to be worried....this should NOT be called normal by anyone! Although girls are developing at earlier ages , they should have achieved other signs of sexual development, ie breast development approximately two years prior to the period and pubic hair. You should demand a work up looking for answers. This may include a bone age and blood work. Most importantly you can contact an endocrinologist for a consult.

    Unfortunately growth slows down once the period starts and children usually grow only 2-2 1/2 inches more after period onset. For an eight year old, she may not make it to 5 feet tall. Often premature puberty is held-off through lupron injections to "shut-off" the pituitary gland. This allows the child to attain full growth and hold off puberty/period until she and her parents are ready. I can't emphasize enough it is very unusual for a child to have her period without any other puberty signs, such as breast development or pubic hair.

    HOpe someone can find the problem.
    Dhart855 responded:
    Thanks to everyone for your continued support. My dd has a dr. appt on Thursday. They will do a urine test to see if its maybe a bladder infection. I have decided to go from there. I have "calmed" down a bit. My dd is acting like herself. Thank goodness for small things. Mez777 - You are exactly right about the "Mother's instinct". Thats what I tried explaining to my Aunt. I "feel" like this isn't right. At the same time, I don't want my dd to pick up on my bad feelings. It's SO hard. I am requesting the Dr. check her out and see what she thinks. I have read about Premature Puberty. That's what scares me. My dd is a tall girl for her age. I'm scared that this is more than a simple period. I have decided to stick with my gut instincts on this. I want the Dr. to look into this more carefully. Especially because she has NO other signs of puberty (breast buds, hair, etc.). This worries me, and I'm doing my best to remain "normal" about the whole thing with my dd. I can tell this helps her. I will definitely post when I know more after the Dr. appt. Again, THANK YOU all SO very much. It means a lot to have support somewhere!
    Dhart855 responded:
    Ok, I'm back with a little update. We got the results back from my dd's urine analysis. Everything is normal there (I knew it would be). However.... Now her Dr. wants my dd to get a pelvic sonogram and see an OB. Because she is showing NO signs of puberty. The Dr. says this is just a precaution, but now I'm even more worried.

    I'm so upset that my 8 yr old daughter has to go through all this. I know she has to, to be safe. It's just all scary. I feel helpless.

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