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    Lots of new 'faces'..let's intro
    1andonlybaby posted:
    I'm a long time member of WebMD but I'm not around much anymore. I'm the mommy of a wonderful 6 yr old Kindergarten boy. We live in FL and that's about it....
    Amanda1981 responded:
    We have been on the boards together since our 6 yr olds were not even a yr old or something...I remember I found the boards when Kaitlyn was 10 months, how time flies! For those that don't know me, my signature pretty much says it all but, I will introduce myself anyway. I am Amanda I am married to Chris and we have 4 children between us. Aaleiyah 10, Jacob 9, Kaitlyn 6, and Abbigail 1. We live in Wisconsin.
    g8tor1989 responded:
    I have been on here for about 9 months to a year. My name is Janice and my husband Pat and I have a one and only DS, Zack. We live in Colorado.
    venessarm responded:
    I am Venessa. I have been a member for a couple months now. My husband is Philip. We have 3 children. Our eldest is Jeffery, Haidan is our middle child, and Keeley is my precious and only daughter. We live in the ugliest town ever to exist in Arizona.
    GnSwoosh responded:
    Helloooo, I'm Swoosh, and my 8 year old 3rd grader is Junior. We live in San Antonio with my DBF and our 1 year old maniac dog Gus. We plan to add to our family by two Teddy Bear hamsters in the next 2 weeks. I'm a full time working outside of the home mom who loves life!! I've been on these boards since...I can't remember!! A few years.
    MrsWhiteCastle responded:
    Hi! I am a SAHM in St. Louis. I have two girls - Emily is 4 and Elizabeth is 2. I find myself lurking here more and more. Emily is only in preschool 1 day a week right now, so I feel a little funny posting too much. When she goes to "official" preschool next Fall, I'll probably feel more comfortable. I'm having a hard time admitting to myself that I really have a preschooler!
    FCL responded:
    Hi - I've been on WebMD for about ten years now although I'm fairly new on the parenting boards. I have twin 6 year old daughters. I'm a Scot and my partner is French and we all live in Provence, France.
    sea2006 responded:
    I'm Sea. I have three kids -- DS, 3rd grade age 8.5 (9 in June), DD, 4 year old preschool age 4.5 (5 in June), DS2, age nearly 3.5 We live in Michigan, in a tiny little town of 3000 people.
    JLinsky responded:
    I've been on one or another WebMD board for about 8 years, I think. Me, DH, and the boys live in Indiana.
    Tricia1166 responded:
    I'm Tricia. My kids are Eddie (7 in June) and Megan (4 yrs old this Saturday!). DH, the kids and I live in Pittsburgh. I think I started coming on the WebMD boards when I was pg with DS and have just "moved up" on the boards over the years.
    jkncrawford responded:
    I'm Kim. I have 2 boys. Nicholas is 7 & in 1st grade. He plays soccer & is a straight A honor student. Nolan is 3 1/2 & in a 3 yr old preschool class. He plays baseball so they kept us pretty busy. I was a SAHM until recently & I went back into real estate (been doing it since 1989) which is booming right now in my area despite the economy. I have a wonderful DH & we have been married for 11 yrs & he works in the oil field industry so we keep a hectic schedule. LOL!!! I've been with WebMd off & on for the last 8 yrs. I first originally came when I was pregnant with Nicholas.
    TrudyGERD responded:
    I'm Trudy, mom to Victoria (11, 5th grade) and Natalie (8, 3rd grade). I work full time outside the home while DH is a SAHD. We live in NH, an hour north of Boston. I started on WebMD maybe 4 years ago looking for help with GI issues and quickly also found the parenting, nutrition and allergy boards. These day I don't get much time on here but I do try to pop in occasionally.
    OneAndDone responded:
    I don't use my name because it's kind of distinctive, so I'm me, have been married to my DH for almost 15 years. I have one DS who's 5. He is my miracle baby because I was 45 when I got pregnant with him and had about given up on it ever happening. Age does not always bring wisdom though, so when I discovered this Board 3 years ago, the collective advice was a Godsend! My DS is generally well-behaved now and I am really enjoying him, and DH and I are getting along better too. DS's preschool graduation is tomorrow, and I will bring a box of tissues with me as I watch my baby enter the next stage of his life! (I work, so he'll stay in his preschool until he starts kindergarten, but STILL!) I had a massive blood clot after my DS was born, and since my father's mother died of a clot just before my father turned 5, I am thankful every day for the chance to watch my DS grow.
    Johnnie38 responded:
    My name is Johnnie and I am a SAHM of kids from late grade school up to college. I lurk on a few boards, but mostly post on the parenting boards.
    skyzoemom responded:
    I'm Suzanna. SAHM of 2; kindergartener DS will be 6 on Thursday, and DD is 15m! I also have adopted my 14 year old nephew who has grown and matured wonderfully the last 6 months! We're in Colorado. I don't remeber how long I've been here :sheepish:

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