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    bathing ?
    1andonlybaby posted:
    At what age did/do you turn over the job of bathing to your dc? I'm sure many of you had already done this by 6 but I haven't. I have been showing ds how to do it though. I think he's getting old enough to do it on his own now. My mom was very hands on when he came to bathing with us. I can remember being about 10 and her still coming into the bathroom to wash my back. She felt/still feels that little kids can't properly clean themselves. In a way I agree but I know ds wil have to learn sometime.
    Amanda1981 responded:
    Kaitlyn is 6 and I only wash her hair for her, the rest she does herself. Jacob and Aaleiyah (9 & 10) shower all on their own, Jacob since he was almost 6 and when Aaleiyah moved in with us she was almost 7. I am tempted to go make sure the older 2 are all cleaned up but, I feel at their age they need thier privacy. They do a fairly good job and if they miss something like behind the ears I just remind them and they get it next time.
    onechild responded:
    My daughter is six and i let her take a shower or bath by herself but i still have to go in and make sure i clean her well she thinks of taking a bath or shower has just playing in the water i just a few days ago got her to start trying to wash her own hair and it will take a while but after showing them they will get it sooner or later.good luck
    1andonlybaby responded:
    that's so funny. I don't even think of privacy at this age. DS still feels the need to tell me each time he has to go to the bathroom. I'm just now starting to close the door when I use the bathroom. The closed door means NOTHING to him by the way. He will come right in. I guess we're just open in our home and it doesn't seem to be a big deal to either one of us.
    teeny79 responded:
    With my dd having long hair she just in the last few months starting taking showers instead of baths and washing her own hair where as i was washing her hair in the tub and she is nine. With ds i have started teaching him to shower and wash his own hair already but i still wash it for him when he takes a bath and every once in a while i will go ahead and wash him to make sure he really is clean and he is six.
    Amanda1981 responded:
    We have the open door policy in our house for bathroom use too, I have it closed they open it whenever they feel like bothering me whether it be while I am showering or using the toilet. :pbpt:
    katieb426 responded:
    You always post what I've been thinking! LOL! :sillygrin: I was just going to post this same question. :pbpt: We're working on teaching Ella how to wash her hair. She takes baths now, but she used to take showers. We trust her to wash her body, but I think it will take a while until she can wash her own hair well enough. I think it might be easier to teach our boys since their hair is shorter. I don't think about the privacy thing yet either. None of the doors are ever closed in our house. I constantly have kids walking in on me when I'm showering. Ella is now bathing with Lilly and the boys take baths together. It's a good way for us to save water! :sillygrin:
    normarae5 responded:
    My son is 6 1/2 and he take showers by himself. However, we start the water for him and watch him get in and out the shower, just to make sure no accidents happen. His Dad and I taught him how to wash his body, from top to bottom. In the beginning I would check on him to make sure he was cleaning his body correctly. He does just fine. I am really big on independence with kids. I was bathing my self by 6 and actually started ironing when i was 8, (sounds strange but true). lol :smile:
    shanc622 responded:
    Hi, We have 2 girls, 7 and 3 yrs. They both like taking showers (separately), the oldest does her own hair and the youngest does also but with a little help from us. I worry though about both of them washing their private areas good enough, and neither wants me to help. I usually give them a washcloth and let them clean that way but they always try and skimp on the cleaning and say it hurts or feels funny, which I imagine it does to them at that age. Any suggestions on how I can stress to them that they need to make sure to clean those areas good? The last thing I want is for them to get any infections. I've even had my oldest's pediatrician stress cleanliness (for girls) with her to try and get her to understand the importance. I've heard of those books for girls but I think age 7 is too young don't you think? Thanks S-
    sea2006 responded:
    About 6 or so, although I still occassionally do "quality Checks" -- DS1 wanted to grow his hair out, and it's really thick, so he has a hard time rinsing. DD? Not yet...although I'm sure she could. She still takes a bath with DS2, so i hurry through and get them done at the same time.
    stephs_3_kidz responded:
    My oldest 2 are pretty good at bathing themselves. DD1 has to be checked up on when she rinses the suds from her hair, sometimes she doesn't get them all, but she cleans up well. DD2 can wash her body but needs help with her hair. DS1, takes showers by himself (he's 8) and does a nice job, too. He is BIG on having his privacy but he doesn't mind if I check on him to make sure he's ok, he just doesn't want his siblings anywhere near when he takes a shower. :)
    nics4kids responded:
    Uh... my son with the really short hair has pretty much been bathing entirely solo (showers) since about the age of 4. Same with my two older daughters, but I helped them wash their hair (particularly my 5 1/2 yo who has longer hair than my older one), until they were 4 1/2-5 or so. My nearly 4yo showers with one of her big sisters generally, depending on circumstances, and has since she was about 3. To start with, she only showered with the older one, but in the last couple months it is usually with the other one.
    OneAndDone responded:
    I should stay out of this, so y'all don't know what a bad mother I am or what a dirty little boy I have, but here goes: my DS has been in charge of cleaning himself since he was about 2. And while I THINK that he often soaps up now that he takes showers, I don't check up on him, so I have no idea. I usually see him running around nekkid after his bath, so I can see that his private parts are usually are free of redness, so I think he's fine. But he does NOT like getting his eyes wet, and so we hardly EVER use shampoo. If he just wets his hair, that's good enough for me. He has thin, fine hair that's fairly short, so although it would be shinier if I could give it a good wash, it looks fine as is. Since I just let him be in charge of that, we don't have screaming fits any more and he loves bathtime/showertime. He recently discovered showers, so now that he's not soaking in the tub as long, we decreed that Saturday night was bath night, so he does get a good soak at least once a week now. So I'm awfully lax about it, but he doesn't look dirtier than his friends at preschool to me.
    Lillyanya responded:
    My son is 6 years old. He will be 7 this Saturday at 5:22 am! :grin: I let him bathe on his own starting this year. I help him with the water because he doesn't like it too hot. He tries on his own first, but if it doesn't work I come in and help. He used to have me wash his hair because he got his eyes burnt one time and I think it scarred him for life! :sillygrin: I have found that goggles really help him. He is great at washing his own body. I do what I call a spiffy check. I look for left over soap and stuff. I've only had to stick him back in the tub once! :) yay I think 6 is a great age to get them used to bathing on their own. You don't have to make them do it all the way, but they can start. Then you can just come in and finish up if necessary. :smile:
    pugsyotis responded:
    OneandDone I think you should use shampoo on your sons hair... You may not notice a stench, but others may Sorry to brake that to you. :frown:

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