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    6 year old and annoying habits?
    mysticriver posted:
    DD1 who turned 6 in June has developed really annoying habits. First, it is this habit of over moistening her lower lip with her upper lip and vibrating the lower lip (it's hard to explain) so you can hear the saliva in her mouth, sorta like whistling. She has also started burping really loudly with her mouth open. Then there's this habit of saying 'ugh' when eating, a sound like she is eating real fast and is not stopping to take a breath. Then there's this new habit of saying 'ok ok blah blah' when I'm saying something to her or even when she is saying something which is common knowledge. Or, I ask her to switch off TV and she says "No - thank you". I get this response for pretty much everything from going for a shower, to have dinner to pick up stuff. Of course she doesn't get away with it, but I'm wondering if it is normal at this stage to develop new weird habits.

    TIA !
    Monkey721 responded:
    Wow, sounds like my 6 yr old! I am hoping it's a stage! His nose always gets really stuffy, and right now he has a post nasal drip. He makes this really strange noise from the back of throat, which I also can't really explain, kinda like a strange, low growling noise At times he makes this noise when he eats, like a loud gulp sound. I hope it stops soon!!
    katieb426 responded:
    Sounds like my 6 year old too! She is definitely coming out with some attitude these days.

    As far as the eating goes, Ella was doing that and it drove me crazy! I kept reminding her that noises like that were bad manners. It took some consistency, but she finally got the idea. For us, it was really about eating with good manners.

    I can totally sympathize. I think maybe it is the age- trying out new things in order to assert their identity. Randy and I just keep repeating "God bless this child!".
    stephs_3_kidz responded:
    OMG...I get the "blah blah blah" thing, too. Which results in standing in the corner for 5 minutes. Strangely enough, my oldest DD is almost 6, too. And I also get the "No, thank you" when I ask her to do things and then I will say, "Is that how you are supposed to talk to Mommy?" and she'll say, "What? I was polite, I said, thank you."

    Smarty pants.

    I think it's normal. How do you curb it?

    I have no idea. I'm still working on it.
    FCL responded:
    I say "wrong answer, now just do it...". If she protests I tell her that I wasn't asking her I was telling her.
    kappykap responded:
    Dear Mysticriver...I also have a 6 year old...a boy. I have noticed similar unique behaviors and communications. While it is annoying to me at times (I am a stay at home Dad), my gut tells me it is within normal range. He seems to be developing more physical and cognitive abilities and simply experimenting with or using them.
    If he is doing something odd, I usually ask him why? And I let him answer, and I think about his answer as long as it's sensible. Then I try to take to my parenting role of guiding into different ways of thinking, through words and actions. Does it always work? No. Repetition is the name of the game.
    If he responds to my requests in a way that I didn't want, such as "No thank you", I try to laugh to myself and then change the way I ask him. He is obviously responding to the way I asked it, haha. It's kind of funny. Sometimes I ignore his answer at first, for a little while, and then come back later, rephrasing the request.
    PS: by himself, he is very good. Playing with others, he is good but loud. He screams a lot. He romps and jumps with lots of boy energy.

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