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    2yr. old can't rotate wrist
    ittybittypappy posted:
    I have a 2 yr.old daughter who what I thought had a quirky way of of holding things in her hand. But a trip to the dr. questioned my thought. The nurse was taking blood from her for some tests and she couldn't rotate her forearm so that her palm of her hand would face up. I told the nurse that when she holds things in her hand i.e. puts her hand out to show what she has she will cup her hand inward. Instead of holding her arm out with her hand/palm facing upward. She's unable to do so. Because our trip to the dr. was over I didn't get a chance to discuss this with him. This was yesterday and now I'm having to wait to make another appt. Can anyone help me thing of something that might be causing this. I'm becoming more concerned with each person I talk to. Please help shed some light on this.
    roushmuscle responded:
    Not sure I can shed light on this but I can tell you I'm a 24 yr old male with the same issue. Doesn't affect my day to day life in a serious way. The only thing I've noticed I can't do is bowl well. Which is fine because I hate bowling. I'd be curious to know why this is myself. My personal trainer says it has something to do with genetics and bone structure. It makes certain work outs much harder for me and strains the forearm area a little more.
    roushmuscle responded:
    ...and i can't throw a good upper cut (just to add that in there)
    NHawkins responded:
    I am a 29 year old male who was also born with this condition in both of my arms. From what I was told its a malformation of the radius and ulna where a piece of tissue blocks the wrist from rotation The doctors I've seen told me that there was no known cure for this condition at the time of my last visit which was 15 years ago. The only option given to me at the time was to either keep my arms as they are palms down or to turn one or both palms up permentatly, of course I did not choose that course of action. I can say growing up with this condition has not stopped me from doing anything. I can do anything and everything anyone else can do I just might do it alittle different which has in some strange way made me extremley creative and idealistic. I played all sports including baseball, football, basketball and many others with no pain or problems at all. I even finished 5th in the city and 6th in the state bowling tournement. I practice martial arts which is another things i may not be able to do exactly like everyone else but have customized the teachings to be used in my own way. I have even had jobs where I had to run a cash register and give and recieve change and not only could i do things without a having any problems but most people didnt even notice unless the studied my actions closely. Little is known of this condition it seems once I was in a car accident and the doctor told me my arms where broken. I laughed and explained to him my condition which he was completely unaware even exsisted. This condition is extremely rare I have never met another person with the same thing I have and after searching the internet repeatedly almost no information is availible. One thing I would like to say is I do not consider myself handicap or disabled in any way shape or form. Growing up with this condition is a unique experiance and most people that I talk to about it are suprised what I can do and are curiously facinated. I will continue to research this and am happy to help or answer any questions about this conditon best I can.
    rainforsunshine responded:
    I am a 28 yr old female who's wrist do not rotate. I was born this way. Until reading this post and the responses to it, I did not know that anyone else had it. It doesn't affect my day to day life. I can do anything I need to do I have just adapted and do things a little differently. Some things are more difficult such as bowling and typing for too long but it is not that bad. Your daughter will be fine and the less you make of it the more she will just adapt without even thinking about it. She can take comfort, though, as I have that there are other people out there with wrist that are a little different.
    pickensx7 responded:
    Hi! I have been on the computer trying to google information on this same problem. My son has the same issue as your daughter. He just turned 3 a few weeks ago and we noticed while he was washing his hands that he could not face his palms up as well. We went to the doctor and got a referrel to a peds otho doctor. I read all the replies to your post and was wondering if you got any other information. Ive been trying to google it and not getting much. The doctor we seen today said its rare and he has only seen the condition a book. All he said was that he had an inability to supination his wrist. I was wondering if you could shed some light. Thanks!
    YSTAM123 responded:
    my 2r old son has the same problem. It seems there could be many reasons. One is called Nursemaid Elbow which is pretty common. We took our son to see an Orthopedic surgeon today. An X-ray of his arms shows that one of the bones is growing outwards rather than straight. The surgeon wasn't too helpful. He just said he wouldn't recommend any surgery, and referred us to see another orthopedic surgeon who is very well knowledge in this area. When we tried to ask further what could be the possible risk if we leave it untreated, he became very vague and rushed us to see that dr. I guess you should bring her to see a hand surgeon to know better. The surgeon would be able to decide if X-ray is needed. It could be an easy fix. Good luck.
    vmlisaf replied to NHawkins's response:
    My fiance has the exact same problem and after reading your story of how you do regular everyday things proves my point to him that he can also do these things... he blames his arms for the things he can't do. He plays video games like a pro, he's a great bowler, and I'm sure he can do so many other things if he would just try them. I'm going to show him your story so he will atleast try to play basketball because I know he wants to and I know he can.
    Jondavid770 responded:
    I am a 23 yr old male and this condition affects my left arm. I was never able to touch my shoulder with that hand. Also when I am given change from a drive through window the change will likely fall out of my hand unless I want to point my elbow in real far to flatten out my palm. Which looks very strange. I also believe that this is why my wrists and forearms are so skinny. The rest of my body is of regular size for my age but I was never able to work out my arms much because my left one can never keep up with my right one when I bench press and stuff. It will start to tingle like there is some sort of nerve damage. My mom told me when I was born I got stuck inside of her for a little bit I don't know if that had anything to do with it. I really need to find some information on this nothing much on the net and this is a very frustrating condition. I can also not play a guitar because of this unless the guitar is in an akward looking vertical position due to not being able to wrap my hand around the neck of it.
    jonjon404 replied to Jondavid770's response:
    It might be congenital radioulnar synotosis.
    An_221803 replied to rainforsunshine's response:
    Thank you and NHawkins for your posts. My preschool son was just diagnosed with radio ulnar synostosis, and the pediatric orthopedist said just what you both did--that this should not hold him back in any way. He is a very active child who has come up with creative ways for, for instance, holding small things in his hands (since he cannot face his palms upwards). The fact that it took us until now to get this diagnosed shows how well he has adapted. As people have pointed out, there is not much information out there, and it was very helpful to have some feedback from others who have this unusual condition!
    Cris1313 responded:
    I'm a 14 year old and up untill I read this I thought I was the only one with this, I Feel Much Better Knowing That im Not The Only One!(:
    nanadanso replied to Jondavid770's response:
    ohhaha how funny. literally share the same story.i have had the same problem where i cant face my palm up at my right hand or do a supination( the right word i found with research). i can only do hammer curls. i cant do supination curls. well it hasnt really messed with my life. but my story is my mom also says i was stuck in her and they had to pull me out... some crazy stuff really.but i am also gna go see a doctor. i also cant perform an uppercut and it messes with most of my workout. i hate it so much. i also cant take channge from people. haha people think thats funny though. pretty much cant do anything that requires supination
    An_246040 responded:
    Hi you guys. . .
    I am a 21 year old female that seems to have this similar condition I do not know anything about it, all I know is that I cant face both my palms facing up. I was born like this. . .I had been checked by a doctor when I was little and I did some physical therapy for a few months but I didnt see a point in going and spending money for each visit. They never told me what the cause was ? I thought I was the only one with this condition since I had tried googling it before and nothing about this subject appeared until now. I remember being unable to participate in P.E. activities in Elementary and I used to cry. I still feel sad thinking about it nowadays and I hope there could one day be a cure for this. I have trouble receiving change which is why I tend to use my debit card most often. If anyone knows any other information about this, let me know please. It was very interesting reading about you guy's experience and I am glad I am not alone.
    nanadanso replied to An_246040's response:
    know all about the change problem...mine is only at my right hang and my left hand is waaay stronger than my right....ill go get it checked eventually..i am 20 yrs by the way..had this my whole life.working out is a drag too...stay strong....there are other people in worse stuff...dont let it bother you too much

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